Band Members

Liz Ruvalcaba: Voice / Loops
Eliud Ernandes: Bass / Loops


Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico


“A loop is a small work that has been specially prepared to be repeated
during the audio file until its end.” -Hawkins


It begins as a need for creative escape between Liz Ruvalcaba and
Eliud Ernandes, strongly inspired by the work of Steve Lawson, during a
time in which both coincide in a break from their different projects.

Without formal pretensions, they decided to make a series of their own
versions to subjects that have formed them in its race, based on loops
of electric bass and voice; constructing the themes from the most
primitive and growing in complexity. These versions are acclaimed and
used by different artists. Jorge Alveláis, pioneer of Progressive Rock in
Mexico, challenges them to record a first formal album of original music,
while publishing a couple of topics in various forums reaching Spanish
ears with very good reviews. On the other hand, the artist and Italian
acoustic / visual researcher Maurizio Splend uses the arrangement to
‘Mercy Street’, original Peter Gabriel, in a work dedicated to the city of
Naples, after a great fire suffered in this city. In the USA, DJ Ron
Shayler broadcasts ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley’ by open radio on

FM, and experimental musician Bill Austin uses CIAN’s music as an
example in various looping forums.