Laura Stavinoha

Laura Stavinoha is a Dutch vocalist, songwriter, loop artist, vocal coach and producer. As a singer, she’s been involved in many styles: from baroque to deep house music and from contemporary classical to her own pop songs. For years, she has performed as a classical soprano in The Netherlands and abroad. Currently her focus is the authentic, intuitive voice, independent towards acknowledged traditions.

So far Laura has released two EP’s with her own work: Sweet Life (2012) and Looping Patterns (2015), and one EP with cover songs: From This World (2016). Currently she is working on a second live looping EP. Being one of the first vocal looping artists in The Netherlands, Laura uses song based live looping. She builds up song arrangements with just her voice, vocal effects and some bass guitar. Due to Laura’s multi-facetted musical background, her performance displays a colourful mix of covers and originals, going from harmonious and classical to groovy and hip hop-beats.