BLVR is the new project of Santa Cruz musician J.J. McCabe (ROBOTGOD, the Parcel, A Dark and Stormy Night, Tether Horse, Mylo Jenkins, Portents). Developed over a 2 year period of severe illness that kept Kim from playing his usual instruments, BLVR is heavily influenced by the stark, desolate sounds of John Carpenter and ’80s Tangerine Dream, while incorporating live instrumentation, erratic chopped samples from hospital rooms, airplane cabins, and other environments of dismay, and a healthy dose of restless improvisation. BLVR has released 1 full-length: “Eulogies for Future Dreams,” a project begun on Election Day 2016 and released Inauguration Day 2017 as an apology to the future. Additional releases include a wordless 18 minute narrative song cycle paean to the Lovecraftian Elder Gods. BLVR is equally influenced by harsh Scandinavian black metal, ’60s Pakistani surf rock, and grindhouse horror movie scores.