Tim Mungenast

A guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, and avant-garde soundscape artist since the eighties, Tim Mungenast considers music to be a form of mystic transport and he settles for nothing less.

He has recorded and performed with saxophone god Ken Field (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Sesame Street, Revolutionary Snake Ensemble); the jazz hero Pete Levin (Gil Evans Orchestra, Levin Brothers); trumpet hero Eric Dahlman; percussionist/inventor Ken Lovelett; vocalist Anais Wolf; harmolodic keyboardist Dave Bryant (Ornette Coleman); the prolific avant-guardian Kris Thompson (Abunai!, Nisi Period, The Lothars); members of Cul de Sac (Michael Knoblach, Michael Bloom, Jon Proudman); Boston rock legend Chris Mascara; Adam Sherman (Private Lightning); Astro Al; Wisteriax; Jonno Deily (Lemonheads, PODS, Heart Attack-Ack-Ack); Mac Randall (Fuller, Bedsit Poets); soundscape/performance artist Lauri des Marais, and many more.