Alex Govan

Alexander Govan is a musician both from and currently based out of Northern California. An alumnus of the Monterey Jazz Festival’s High School All-Star Band, The Stanford Jazz Workshop as well as Berklee College of Music, he is currently the lead guitarist and synth wizard for Bay Area Psych-Pop group, Kid Mystic. A longtime educator, Alexander has taught at The Carmel Youth Center, The Monterey Jazz Festival’s Summer Jazz Workshop, and East-West Music & Dance. In 2017 he was hired to coordinate research for the development of the YouTube Music App. No stranger to both the abstract and spiritual realms of improvised and composed music, in his many collaborations and solo projects, Govan aims to impart an impressionistic brand of sound and story influenced by both natural and man-made entities. A new project of unreleased recordings from 2012-2018 is tentatively planned for both physical and online distribution in early 2019.