John Malkin

John Malkin is a musician and journalist known for his improvisational journeys on piano and percussion. John has performed with modern dance groups and created music for many choreographers including Mel Wong, Frey Faust, Tandy Beal and Nita Little. John performs solo piano concerts internationally and has performed with a variety of groups. For fifteen years John accompanied modern, ballet and contact improv dance classes in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. He has two albums: Live at the Vault (2007) and Solo Piano – Fifteen (2009). He’s produced albums for other artists and composed music for the documentary film “Le Vie En Verte” (2010). He hosts radio programs on Free Radio Santa Cruz and KZSC and his 2005 book “Sounds of Freedom” has interviews with thirteen musicians speaking about spirituality and social change including Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Ani DiFranco and Boots Riley. He’s now completing “Punk Spirit,” a book based on interviews with 150 punk musicians.