László Vajner

I’m a experimentalist artist from Debrecen, Hungary. I play various instruments, but the guitar and synthetisers recieve the greatest emphasis in my music. Considering the genre it is closest to ambient and post-rock. In the spring of 2016, I decided to revive the songs that I have written outside our post metal band, ABEL.

Like our body, our soul needs detoxification as well, though we tend to overwhelm this general will or consciousness. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that I have chosen Cleanse – “Tisztulás” in Hungarian for this part of my solo project.
The whole project is DIY, the song- and textwriting, recording, mixing, mastering, all sorts of audio and visuals are made by me. I would like to emphasise that despite my best knowledge and the time that was spent I am aware that there might be minor mistakes here and there, but in return it is as sincere as it can ever be.