Semih Yanyali

In 1998 Istanbul-based musician Semih Yanyali left Turkey for Munich, where he studied jazz and eventually founded a band known for its unique style and rich, complex sound.

Since 2002, Semih Yanyali has performed internationally at a wide selection of renowned music festivals with Cazyapjazz and various artists, including Akbank Jazz Festival in Turkey, Marseille Africa Festival in France, Stuttgart Jazz a la Turka and Regensburg’s Jazz Days in Germany, as well as festivals in Spain, USA, Slovenia, Slovakia and Austria.

2006 saw the release of the band’s first album, “Latife” a powerful, well-received creation resonating with a mixture of perfectly combined influences, from jazz and rock to that unmistakable sound of Istanbul. Most of the album was composed and arranged by Semih Yanyali, with two tracks making it onto worldwide compilations.

Semih Yanyali’s passionate creating has led his distinctive sound to film and television projects. In 2009, Semih Yanyali was featured on German television program Freiraum, where he presented the thriving metropolis that is Istanbul from the perspective of a musician. He rounded out his hosting duties by composing and supervising the music for the entire small screen segment. 2010 found him working with award-winning filmmaker Sedat Arslan on his short film Hazal, for which he composed the score.

2010 also witnessed the release of “Composers Duo Music”, by the Kaiser and Semih Duo, with compositions by Matthias Kaiser. The duo arranged, recorded, mixed and produced the entire project. Semih Yanyali’s arranging skills later lent themselves to Turkish pop star Asli Gungor for her song “Ask hereseye deger” performed by Cazyapjazz.

Semih Yanyali is currently busy in his Munich studio arranging and producing several projects, including the second Cazyapjazz album.