XAMBUCA aka Lux Vibratus + Chandra Shukla


Chandra Shukla (b. 1975) created XAMBUCA before performing a debut performance in Berkeley, CA on April 20, 1995 came up with the nonsensical moniker. He formed them from letters left over from a Scrabble game that spelled out what has come to be known as ‘XAMBUCA’. It was this that prompted the need for a name and the beginnings of an ongoing collaborative project that was completely free of genre, form, context or musicality with a rotating arsenal of sonic guests. 

Though now in 2019, the lineup for XAMBUCA consists of Chandra Shukla (sound) and Lux Vibratus (more sound), also on the rare occasion video collaborations with Geo Lynx (video). XAMBUCA has performed internationally and continues to produce, record and perform live. 

The symbol of XAMBUCA is the ‘x’ that marks the spot appearing on every product and stemming from the likes of chromosomes to tuning forks and is a brand logo to be recognized , everywhere. One of those symbols that you’ve felt you’ve seen before but weren’t quite sure where. Many derivative and copycat logos have emerged since its inception in 1995 either by mere coincidence or sheer plagiarism.

 XAMBUCA strives to give emphasis to its art both sonically and visually.

Website: Xambuca.com

Instagram: Xambuca