Y2KX+2 Musician Biographies

Festival Headliners

Mental 99 with Joe Gore and Dawn Richardson




Mental 99 is a new instrumental rock duo from San Francisco. The group consists of guitarist Joe Gore [Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Tracy Chapman, Eels, DJ Shadow, Courtney Love] and drummer Dawn Richardson [Four Non-Blondes, Tracy Chapman, Martinis, Angel Corpus Christi].

Mental 99 is a mere duo, but they conjure vast panoramas of sound. Their music can be eerie or funny, abrasive or beautiful, and sometimes all those things at once.

While Joe and Dawn use no prerecorded backing tracks, they employ “live looping”— recording passages of music as they perform them, and then improvising new layers over them. They’re like ambitious trapeze artists: Sometimes they fall on their asses, but when they’re good, they’re breathtaking.

Philipp Zürcher: Electric Guitar


Born in 1970. Classical violin studies. Guitar and piano studies at the Swiss Jazz School et al.
Compositions for guitar, various duos and trios.
Electroacoustic and multimedia productions.
Solo performances in Switzerland, England, USA.
Electric guitar tutor of Gürbetal Music School, Bern - Switzerland.

Discography (CD albums only)
Philipp Zürcher: Sonne 4; mem.li CD 111 (2011)
The Virtual Clones String Orchestra: 73-D; stv/asm 032 (2008)
zurrigo: <©raft>; mem.li CD 051 (2005)
Philipp Zürcher & Tripod: Back Home; FMR CD64-V0799?(1999)


"An excellent Swiss guitarist, a talent not to be ignored."

Trevor Taylor, Avant, England



Whoolilicious, aka John Whoolilurie, is a saxophonist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and looper. He is a lover of all music, especially jazz, funk, latin, middle eastern, dance and pop.

Throughout the years, Whoolilicious has experimented and performed using many approaches to looping. From his "looptility belt-pack" to looping it up with the band, W! has enjoyed fusing musical styles, instruments, vocal techniques and electronics; all with the intention of breaking down the barriers that divide style and form.

This year will be his fifth appearance at the festival, and he is excited to debut his newest approach. Joining him will be Mike Shannon on drums; a professional drummer based out of Big Sur.

Whoolilicious will dedicate this show to his baby boy, John, and his wonderful wife, Moriah.

Featured Performers

Emmanuel Reveneau
The Lucid Brain Integrative Project

Born in 1970, contemporary twelve days with Jimi Hendrix.

Mediocre guitarist in punk bands since he was 15, Emmanuel Reveneau discovered improvised music in the late 80's at the faculty of Nanterre, in contact with the writer Philippe Jacquet.

After years of electro-acoustical experiments in wacky bands, he bought his first looper, an RC 20, stopped drinking and created The LucidBrain IntegrativeProject, an evolutive audio-video installation for one multi-instrumentist playing pop songs, progressive tunes and free jazz.

He has also worked almost 15 years as a sound composer and video artist in the context of theater - with several collective, realizes short films and documentaries, and plays guitar, cello and bass for the songwriter Blair, hidden imam of “chanson française”.

In 2010, Jean-François Domingues joined the Lucid brain to built a dedicated looping software.

Emmanuel Reveneau lives in the contryside with his wife, kids, cats, fishes and a gecko.

Sylvain Poitras



A philosopher by training (B.A. and M.A.) Sylvain is particularly interested in language, thought and art. Trombonist with various ensembles, he has played twice at the Ottawa Jazz Festival. His recent musical explorations lead him towards experimental and electronic music. Founding member of Kino Outaouais, he produced some thirty short films. Recently, he explores the world of comic books at Université du Québec en Outaouais. Left to himself, he watches Star
Trek and writes poetry.

In his art, he explores the distinction between the symbol (word, image or sound) and the object it represents. By scrambling this distinction, the symbol can become artistic building blocks and objects can acquire meaning. His approach draws inspiration from the works of Magritte and Gödel's theorem on the incompleteness of mathematics.

To accomplish this, Sylvain creates:
- self-referential films;
- images (films and comic books) by manipulating other images or words;
- music from language;
- music where the notes are both musical material and control signal to change parameters;
- and computer assisted poetry.

Recently, he also created a game that sends control messages to change musical parameters based on what’s happening in the game.

His two performances at this year's festival will be very different. In the first one, he will create music by sampling small parts of words that he will sing or speak live. His other performance will be based around his meta-trombone instrument. With purpose-made
software, the trombone notes that he plays will also manipulate trombone loops that he created on the spot.

Jean-Paul De Roover 


Born in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada but raised overseas, Jean-Paul De Roover is much more than just a one-man-band. This ‘sonic architect’ uses live looping to combine rock, folk, electronica and a cappella into his own well constructed hook-filled post-pop.

He’s worked hard since starting his solo adventures in 2007, performing at international festivals and conferences across North America, and sharing stages with acts like the Beach Boys, and the Goo Goo Dolls.

But whether it’s an auditorium or a coffee shop, the “mad scientist of the Thunder Bay music scene” (Earshot!) needs to be experienced live, so you too can “rekindle the feeling of truly seeing something fresh” (Chronicle Journal).



Luca Formentini



Luca Formentini was born in 1968 in Brescia, northern Italy.

He considers himself a guitar user rather than a guitar player. Since the beginning of his musical activity he has been considered out of the purists circle as his sound has always been originated by the meeting of guitar strings with processing.

He tells how when he was in his teens, his friends were saying he was using effects because he was not able to play. He always agreed on this. Processing is seen not as an “effect” to put over a sound but as the sound itself, in fact he says he is playing the sound, not the guitar. He is using guitar as a sound source, processing the audio material in real time through hardware and software. Looping is a technique he has been extensively using since 1992.

He has been playing and recording with musicians coming from many different contexts and countries, ranging from rock to jazz to classical music like Markus Stockhausen, Holger Czukay, Jean-Fracois Zygel, Steve Lawson, Frank Vigroux, Steve Jansen, Theo Travis, Tellef Ogrim...

He has published two albums on his name: Subterraneans and Tacet. He is part of the Flowers of Now ensemble with which there is a live record “Intuitive music in Cologne”. He is currently working on his next album.

He is coming back from a few years of absence from the scene.

official website: www.unguitar.com
soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/lucaformentini
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/lucaformentini

Paul Haslem

Paul Haslem is one of Canada's leading hammered dulcimer composers and performers. Over the last number of years he has taken his music out of the more traditional sounds and incorporated living looping creating layers and textures to play his compositions over.

He has made 7 recordings of his own music and been a featured artist on several others. For more information on his music go to www.dulcify.ca

Shannon Hayden

Shannon Hayden is a classically trained cellist who has never been content to stay strictly within the confines of the traditional course of study.

Having achieved early success in competitions both at home and abroad she quickly began to experiment with other forms of music as well as other instruments. Working with renowned cellists such as Janos Starker and Aldo Parisot, with whom she began a graduate level course of study at the age of 18 at the Yale School of Music, did not keep her from playing lead guitar in rock and experimental bands or writing music for amplified cello. She feels that musicians who want to consider themselves artists should go beyond mere craftsmanship and constantly look to expand the repertoire of their instrument, fulfilling the needs of the era within which they actively participate.

When not performing her own pieces, Shannon focuses on 20th century and contemporary works and has enjoyed working with composer Ezra Laderman, David Lang, percussionist/composer Andy Akiho, Fay Wang and tours occasionally with Eric Genuis.

Having completed her studies she is currently supporting her first album with shows around the United States and hopes to meet other artists with similar interests whose focus is continuing to stretch the boundaries of virtuosic classical music by composing for and embracing technologies which she feels are underutilized.

Shannon also shares her parent’s passion for sustainable living and alternative energy and spends as much time as she can at the family’s off the grid organic vegetable farm.

Merely Excellent Performers

Addam Antium




Addam Antium aka Zig Zag Robinson is a testament to time in the relm of Under Ground Hip Hop..this is his 7th loopfest and stoked to be apart of it every year Haveing been a recording artist for over a decade and a founding father of the Rap super groups Slop Opera, The World Famous Pool Boyz , GRIMBZNS ,he has been determined to out last most entertainers with cutting edge lyrics and sound development.

Addam Antium picked up the Line 6 DL4 close to 9 years ago to hown his skills as a beatboxer and sound enginer and to create complex loops for the colabarations with Dj scratching to give a unique spin on the formal hip hop experience..Useing it in his live perfomances to set the tone and BPM,a true genius with multiple levels of synergy to enhance the listeners imagination..beats and lyrics are his true appetites ..nothing else seems to matter when he is rocking the mic on his own humanized beat loops

Amy X Neuburg





AMY X NEUBURG has been developing her own brand of irreverently genre-crossing works for voice, live looping, electronics and chamber ensembles for over 25 years. She has performed solo at such diverse venues as the Other Minds and Bang on a Can new music festivals, the Berlin Intl. Poetry Festival, the Wellington and Christchurch Jazz Festivals (NZ), and the Warsaw Philharmonic Hall.

Her “Secret Language of Subways” for looped cellos and voice has been presented by YBCA, the SF Symphony After Hours and the LA Philharmonic Left Coast Festival. Commissions include works for Del Sol String Quartet, Pacific Mozart Ensemble chorus, Robin Cox Ensemble, Present Music, Solstice, Sqwonk, and numerous dancers and media artists.

As vocalist she toured Europe and Japan with three Robert Ashley operas and has premiered many contemporary voice works. Amy is currently recording her “Fill as Desired” song cycle for eight looped voices, and the piece will play at the East Bay JCC and Brava Theater this fall.


Barry Cleveland



Barry Cleveland's music spans a panoply of styles—from ambient and experimental to world fusion to psychedelic and progressive rock. His guitar playing is enhanced by cutting-edge electronics and unorthodox playing techniques, and he has been involved with looping technology since the early 1980s.

His latest release, Hologramatron [Moonjune Records], pushes multiple musical envelopes simultaneously. Cleveland is also an editor at Guitar Player magazine, and the author of Joe Meek's Bold Techniques.



Among a unique vanguard of innovative guitarists, Bill Walker creates evocative guitar soundscapes that showcase a staggering range of musical influences and techniques.

Performing on an variety of electric, acoustic and lap steel guitars, and utilizing state of the art sound design and live looping technologies, Bill pioneers bold musical frontiers in improvised performance.

Hypnotic and transporting, Bill’s music is characterized by beautiful improvised motifs, lush multi-layered guitar ensembles, and otherworldly timbres which evolve serendipitously, creating exotic music that defies categorization.

Eclectic, soulful, and original, are words that best describe this unique musician

Carl Weingarten


Former Delay Tactics slide guitarist Carl Weingarten will make his fifth appearance at The Y2K Looping Festival, and will perform new works, as well as music from his new CD Panomorphia (Multiphase Records).

Michael Carlson and TripleOhNine



Michael Carlson loops solo a cappella, primarily using Mobius hosted in Mainstage on his Macbook, “TripleOhNine.” "It’s the best band I've ever had," he claims, "because it doesn’t get paid and always arrives on time." TripleOhNine did, however, recently demand an SDD upgrade.

Michael studied music at Chapman University and UCSB, and now teaches in Modesto, CA, where he actively advocates for keeping the arts in education.

He directs vocal groups, but began looping solo in 2007 after struggling to find singers that could handle complex rhythms and harmonies. Now he has found “his people” in the worldwide looping community, and his love of music and computers consummates in eternal looping bliss.

With a deeply spiritual quality, his live looping resembles sand painting with sound. He erases all loops at the end of each performance. “That way, what goes around doesn’t come around anymore,” he says.


John has been involved with music in many different forms since he was a teenager. From local Santa Cruz bands Wrestling Worms, Raining House, and psychedelic noise/dance collective Violet Skull Troupe, to Rick Walker’s goth club project nO-thiN-G, he has always explored the outer orbits of sound.

DJing at local clubs, and a 10 year stint studying and performing traditional Persian, Afghan, and Indian music has imprinted a code of the future filtered through the past onto his current activities. As 2010 blossoms, he is excited to explore the vibrant strains of modern Electronica and Goth/Industrial enraptured through small, touchscreen devices, making use of iPod, Kaoss, Analogue, and Looping technology…

Krispen Hartung





Aaron Davis

As founder and artistic director of the Boise Creative and Improvised Music Festival, Krispen Hartung’s efforts have revolved primarily around raising awareness and appreciation of avant-garde and creative music in Boise, Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.

His 30-year musical background is an experimental and continuously evolving road trip marked by many excursions and detours - from classical guitar, progressive rock, and world-beat, to fusion, traditional jazz, and free improvisation.

His most current project, with keyboardist, Aaron Davis, is a fusion of Electronica, Electronic Dance Music, and Free Improvisation, which will be engineered to capture the attention of diverse music enthusiasts and bring them together onto the dance floor.


Aaron has been a musician since the age of six, playing primarily piano and keyboards, but also being fairly accomplished in hand-drumming, and barely-competent on the guitar. In the past, Aaron has played keyboards in a fusion group with the festival coordinator, Krispen Hartung, and has also played with many other musicians in various projects. He is, however, a somewhat agoraphobic misanthrope who doesn't get out much.

Laurie Amat


Laurie Amat is an acclaimed vocalist, improvisational performer, experimental composer and teacher. Her approach to singing is informed by broad experience including pop, rock, traditional and inventive opera, spoken word, video, dance, theatre and performance art.

Ms. Amat’s unique talents stem from her focus on the power of the pure voice as an instrument to convey a direct expression of visceral human emotions and individual story told through technique, raw talent and experimentation.

She has performed and recorded pure-voice, site-specific architectural sound pieces internationally in traditional venues and alternative spaces, most recently recording at Chicago’s Rockefeller Chapel and Carillon.

Her collaborations include The Residents, Czech scholar Mirek Vodražka, Industrial creators Deutsch Nepal and Der Blutarsch, Trumpetist CJ Borosque, and she has also had the great opportunity to collaborate with the lovely, brilliant (and absent this year) Swedish Loop God Per Boysen.

This is Laurie's third appearance in the Loopfest, and she’d like to thank the beautiful Rick Walker for all the opportunities and the lovely Maha Allen for brilliant videos and for making this Loop Universe run!



TR-187 is the latest in automated music-making technology. When Portland, Oregon-based engineer Hans Lindauer’s musicianship ran up against the physical and artistic limits of his own ability, he decided that the next logical step in his musical evolution would be to design and program a humanoid robotic replacement that uses a simple set of rules and algorithms to create semi-random, music-like rhythmic figures which arise, evolve, and collapse into themselves before beginning anew.

Most critics agree that the result is better than when Mr. Lindauer himself was creating the music, but at the same time they’re left with the age-old question that everyone asks when watching a faceless android press buttons, turn dials, and flip switches on a bunch of cold, soul-less electronic hardware: “Is it art?”

Moe! Staiano



Moe! Staiano is an experimental composer, drummer, percussionist, songwriter and multi-instrumental performance artist who has been at the forefront of the Bay Area creative music scene for over a decade. He was a member of Vacuum Tree Head, Mute Socialite, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Moe!kestra! and currently on his latest project, Surplus 1980.

Moe!'s innovative solo percussion shows feature prepared drum kit, found objects, audio looping and the inventive use of a looped "percussion guitar" woven in with performance art, which always gets the audience involved and eagerly expectant of what might happen next.

Buddha B-Rad



BuddhaB is a vocal looper and multi-dimensional musician who loves to create angelic a cappella choirs with his voice.

His looped soundscapes are accompanied by positive and enlightening lyrics intended to inspire all who hear him. BuddhaB is also a multi-instrumentalist, specializing in guitar and piano, who is consistently trying to find new ways to bring more traditional singer-wongwriter style into a wild looping world.

BuddhaB enjoys making many types of music, including; freestyle hip-hop, electronic dance music, and acoustic folk-pop. He recently moved to the East Bay area where he is working on several new collaborative projects in different genres.


Eric Glick Rieman


Performing on a variety of instruments, including the prepared/extended Rhodes electric piano, as well as piano, melodica, celeste, organ, Waterphone, and toy piano, SF Bay Area composer/improviser Eric Glick Rieman performs improvised and previously structured music in several settings, both solo and in groups, He has performed with the Mills College Contemporary Performance Ensemble in Oakland, CA, USA since 1999, and received an MFA from Mills in Electronic Music and the Recording Media in 2001. Rieman writes for piano and for ensembles, and his work for prepared Rhodes electric piano is featured in this performance.

His compositions include explorations of Biosonicism (music created at the intersection of composition and biology). The "Helix Aspersa Series"(2008) is a series of graphic scores made in collaboration with snails. "Felis Catus Series I" is a series of graphic scores made in collaboration with a cat (2009). "Circle House and Chutes"(2009) is a piece for small ensemble employing techniques used to handle cattle in a slaughterhouse to herd an ensemble through a score. "Snail Road House 2" (2012), a structured improvisation using scores from the "Helix Aspersa Series", premiered at the Berkeley Arts Festival on 1/28/12.

Websites with more info:
On twitter @ooglick

Michael DiNubila


Michael DiNubila is currently based in San Francisco after moving from New York six years ago, and teaches writing and music. He plays psychedelic ambient loop music influenced by Mick Turner, Brian Eno, Spacemen 3, and King Tubby.

Jerry Barnes


Jerry is an artist and software engineer working in Silicon Valley, but living in Santa Cruz.

Jerry's life-long passion is for music composition, but also enjoys photography and software architecture as means of artistic expression. Having both music composition and computer programming skills, Jerry also enjoys developing algorithmic composition software for personal use.

Jerry's main instrument has always been guitar but he also plays piano, bass, and percussion instruments.

Jerry has a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/jerry.barnes.94

Kaylon Rushing

Hi, I am Kaylon Rushing. I'm a 17 year old pianist/looper. I've played for almost 10 years. I learned mostly classical music. About 3 years ago I began trying to make my own dubstep songs on a little iphone app called Beat Maker. I later moved on to an app called Nanostudio where I made my first song that wasn't based on pre-made loop samples. I kept doing it and loved writing new pieces.

Eventually my family helped me setup a little bedroom studio with a small desktop and some computer speakers. That's when I finally started writing music on an actual computer using FL Studio. After getting more and more used to sitting and writing electronic music on the computer, I started to grow a giant urge to perform electronic music.

The problem was that I couldn't find out any way to do it, other than DJing which I never felt like taking the time to learn. Then I accidentally stumbled upon this phenomenon of live looping. A guy I talked to on youtube had a setup for FL Studio that made live performance possible which has been my dream almost since I started using it. He helped me configure FL Studio to be a live looping machine and I took what I learned and applied my own twist to it. I figured, since I already played piano, I may as well use my keyboard skill as my base for performing. Therefore I am now basically a Keyboard-Based Electronic Music Live Looper.

I've taken this hobby much further than I ever imagined it would go. And I have many friends and family who I appreciate greatly for their support for me. Because of live looping, I learned how to improvise on keyboard much better than I used to know. This allowed me to start playing keyboard in my church's youth band which I love doing.





Tim Mungenast




RICK WALKER (Y2K9 Festival Coordinator)

Percussion, Found Sound Percussion


Composer, multi-instrumentalist and master percussionist/drummer, Rick Walker has been on the cutting edge of music for the last 25 years. One of the original founders of the World Beat movement, and now an influential performer and promoter in the emerging international live looping movement, he incorporates a vast array of world music and pop styles in his repertoire combining instruments from the most primal to the most modern with state of the art digital looping and signal processing instruments.

An exceptionally versatile and sensitive musician, he is eccentrically creative, finding rhythm and melody in hundreds of everyday objects.

He is also the founder of the Y2K_ International Live Looping Festivals, the largest international live looping festival series on the planet and has been responsible for producing or directly inspiring 35 live looping festivals in 15 countries around the world as well as producing several creative new music festivals in Northern California (the Festival of Found and Invented Sound, The Festival of Voice and Electronics, the 1st Bass Looping Festivals, the Festival of Emerging Santa Cruz Electronica, the First Woman's Live Looping Festival, the Spirit of Africa and many more).

He has also performed, toured and recorded with many master musicians from around the globe, collaborating and backing artists like Bob Brozman (USA), Debhashish Battycharya (India), Martin Simpson (England), Djeli Moussa Djawara (Guinea), Babatunde Olatunje (Nigeria), Amel Tafsout (Algeria), Rene Lacaille (La Reunion), Ali Farke Toure (Mali), Hamza El Din (Nubia),Takashi Hiryasu (Okinawa), Pajoe Amissah Aidoo (Ghana),Massimo Liverani (Italy) Familia Valera (Cuba), George Pilali (Greece), David Hidalgo (Los Lobos/USA), David Lyndley (USA), Michael Manring (USA), Steve Lawson (UK), Per Boysen (Sweden), Matthias Grob (Switzerland/Brazil), Ile Aye (Brazil), Olodum (Brazil), Luca Formentini (Italy), Sunao Inami (Japan), Phantasmagoria (Japan), Paul Marshall (Northern Ireland), Bernhard Wagner (Switzerland), Luis Angulo (Mexico), Andreas Willers (Germany), Andre LaFosse (USA), Titos Sompa (Congo), Abdoulaye Djakite (Senegal), Krispen Hartung (USA), Jeff Kaiser (USA), Henry Kaiser (USA) and many others.

He has opened for acts such as Los Lobos, Santana, the Neville Brothers, Huey Lewis and the News, Cher, Kenny G, Todd Rundgren, the Residents, Youssou NDour, Thomas Mapfumo, Sly and Robbie, Steel Pulse, Wailing Souls, the Thompson Twins, Berlin and many others.

He resides in Santa Cruz, California with his wife, singer/songwriter Chris Wedertz, where he teaches, performs, records and releases original recordings as:

|()()p.p()()| (found sound/live looping), PurpleIHand (abstract electronica), nO thiN-g (dark ambient, noise, experimental), Ultra Violette (synth goth, industrial, ebm) and the RICK WALKER TRIO (modal acoustic jazz).

Rick also was the first recipient of the Gail Rich Award for Service to the Arts, the Calabash Award for Excellence in the Ethnic Arts and served as Arts Commissioner for the City of Santa Cruz from 2002-2005.




Disonova is a Bay Area duo consisting of a propulsive drummer (Chris Taylor) and a guitarist that utilizes non-standard tuning and sampling devices (Matt Herman).

A minimalist, groovy, at-times-raucous take on prog-metal, the end result is deep, rhythmic baritone harmonies that lock into intricate percussive patterns. All of this music is performed and recorded completely live, on-the-spot with no overdubs, using a dual-amp setup and simplistic loopers.

Disonova released their second EP 'Disonova 2' in August of 2012.





STANOSAUR is a one man wrecking crew! With an old Les Paul, old Sunn amps and cabinets; Stan creates a drone of immense proportions. The low frequencies shake the world.

STANOSAUR played on the opening cut of the new mermen record as a member of Sirens Orchestra. Check it out at http://mermen.net/index.shtml

For booking info contact STANOSAUR
phone: 415-771-2404 email:stanitarium@earthlink.net

An old man, old guitar, old amplifiers...what's not to love?




Toaster is a musician from San Jose who makes music by programming things, and occasionally borrowing them. He is huge in art galleries.

His work can be found at http://toaster.bandcamp.com and http://soundcloud.com/toaster-1