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Luis Angulo´s diverse musical influences are clearly portrayed through his spontaneous improvisations.By using real time loop devices he is able to paint a broader musical picture taking you at times to an unexpected musical journey.

The Baja California born guitarrist has played in different cover bands around the southern california borders as well as europe. He was also active in the world music program at San Diego State University where he studied world ethnic rhythms and performed with the S.D.S.U african ghanenan ensemble around california.In europe he has also been involved in different projects as well as promoting the late live loop music movement.


A bunch of pedals, including Electro Harmonix 16 sec. DDelay, Line 6 DL4, The Boomerang www.robertozorzi.com

Roberto, born and raised in Verona and a passionate lover of improvised music (to such an extent that he took part in the organisation of the Verona Jazz Festival) is in the fourth decade of his life (and is often heard to say that he would like to remain there for a very long time) and can boast having collaborated with a very worthy set of musicians who play music without frontiers. In recent years he has involved high calibre people such as Tim Berne, Bobby Previte, Elliot Sharp, Fred Frith, Ernst Rejiseger, Trilok Gurtu, Franco D'Andrea in unimaginable projects, where the love for spontaneous creation and for electronic music has often been coupled with reminiscences of the formative years, unpredictably influenced by the ecumenical rock of King Crimson, the blues rock of Cream and Led Zeppelin, of Pink Floyd: visionaries of Ummagumma.

The unison of these great musicians of the British music scene was extremely influential thanks also to the long lived love affair with Ornette Coleman. Other sources of inspiration have become Golden Palominos, Massacre, Henry Kaiser (with the help of whom Roberto Zorzi has deepened his knowledge of the creative use of digital effects with the guitar). As a member of the band NAD Niù Abdominaux Dangereux, Zorzi has participated in the recording of the album Ghosts. The album already showed mature signs of his poetry, which is in tune with the other members of the band and is emphasised by such guests as Sharp, Frith, Kaiser and Denardo Coleman. Zorzi has brought to the recording studio a very varied group of artists such as Franco D'Andrea, Albert Mangelsdorff, Trilok Gurtu, Ernst Rejiseger, Paolo Damiani and Roberto Ottaviano: The result being the album Similado. "Similado". "The Bang" dates back to 1990. This CD was recorded live during the festival held at Roccella Jonica by a group of artists including Berne, Previte, Mark Feldman, Herb Robertson, Percy Jones and Matteo Ederle. Despite the spontaneity of the event, one can appreciate the effort involved in reproducing the style of progressive rock reminiscent of the sixties: comparing this style with the style influenced by some of the best artists of the New York Music scene. - Maurizio Favot translated by Gabriella Jarratt


Slide guitar, live-sampling, beat boxing


The renowned pioneer of "scratch guitar", Genie blends blues, jazz, electronica, bossa nova, latin and middle-eastern rhythms via slide guitar, beatboxing, live sampling, and turntablism to create a visually stunning and truly unique show.

After being voted #1 on Current TV, his current video "What is Scratch Guitar?" was selected for television and is currently airing in the US and UK, check it out at: http://currenttv.com/watch/16180242

KRIBOPHORIC (Krispen Hartung & Robert Sterling) (USA)
Mini archtop guitar, laptop/max/msp, electronic and acoustic percussion www.kribophoric.com





Voice, electronics http://www.myspace.com/jimab
James Bailey has been looping occasionally since the early '80s. Starting with a mid-range hi-fi open reel recorder and a small, lo-fi portable machine he immediately started exploring what a tape-delay system could do, with whatever sound sources were available. Having first discovered the technique in the mid-'70s via people like Terry Riley, Pauline Oliveros, Fripp & Eno, and Canadian composers Violet Archer and Ann Southam, it had to wait until finances allowed for the acquisition of suitable equipment. This is still his preferred method of looping, rather than digital, because of its organic, evolving nature despite certain limitations inherent in the system.

Unfortunately, logistics do not permit such a set-up for Y2K8, and so a somewhat more modern approach has been devised. Still preferring to remain several steps behind current technology, however, he is utilizing slightly dated multi-effects boxes which still allow for a relatively primitive form of looping. He likes to stretch the boundaries of the looping concept in whatever ways he can.

Although his partner in the extended vocal duo Tidal Pool, Vanda Cordier, is unable to attend, he will still be using his voice as the main sound source, along with another interest, interfering radios.


Mandolin http://www.emando.com/players/Nakanishi.htm
Japanese recording artist/luthier whose specialty is "looping"—using electronic delays to create whole layers of sound one instrument at a time in live performance. Known as "Mando Man," Hideki builds his own mandolins and has performed in the States at the Looper's Delight festival.


Bass guitar .
Hattori has been playing electric bass since the age of 15. He started his unique unaccompanied electric bass solo act on the streets in Kyoto, and expanded his performance venues to cafes, clubs, and temples! With his 6-string electric bass and some digital delays, Hattori continues to explore his art of solo performance - No PCs, laptops, or any kind of harddisk-based devices are included in his set of equipment. Hattori's works are made from pure electric bass sound. Ryusei Hattori is currently living in Kyoto.


Analog synth, analog drum machine, sampler, turntable and found objects HTTP://MARGARETNOBLE.NET/
Margaret Noble started her career in the sound-arts as an electronic music DJ in the underground club community of Chicago. From 2003 to 2004, she traveled as performance DJ throughout the United States and Mexico. In 2004, she branched out from dance floor DJing into more experimental interests and created a monthly sound arts showcase in Chicago called, “Spectacle.” Throughout this period she received multiple write-ups in UR, Newcity, The Sun Times, The Reader, The Chicago Tribune and Vogue. From 2005 to 2007, she completed an MFA in sound art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She now performs locally and nationally as an experimental composer in solo and in collaboration with other sound and visual artists. Her collaborative works include short experimental films, recordings and installations which have been exhibited in a variety of film festivals and art openings nationally and internationally. In 2007, she received the Hayward Prize and International Governor’s Grant. Her recent artist residencies include the MAK museum of Vienna, Austria and the Salzburg Academy of Fine Art (also in Austria). Currently she works as a sound and digital arts instructor at High Tech High in San Diego, California.


Kalimba Myspace page
Featured at this year's Y2K8 Looping festival will be the incredible Kalimba player Kevin Spears a.k.a "KalimbaMan". Playing in seclusion since the tender age of 11, Spear's unusual gift on this African instrument incorporates masterful skill influenced by Jazz, Funk, Gospel and even Flamenco while utilizing modern technology to create a beautiful mix of grooves and soundscapes that move the soul. "KalimbaMan" has performed and/or recorded with the likes of Bill Summers (master percussionist for Herbie Hancock), Lil John Roberts (drummer for Janet Jackson, Wynton Marsalis), Yonrico Scott (drummer for Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Susan Tedeschi), and was recently treated to a standing ovation after opening for Grammy-nominated singer Eric Benet. Witnessing the soulful artistry of this humble man encourages you to wonder aloud if Kevin "KalimbaMan" Spears is perhaps one of America's best kept secret's.

RICK WALKER (Y2K8 Festival Coordinator)

Percussion, Found Sound Percussion


Composer, multi-instrumentalist and master percussionist/drummer, Rick Walker has been on the cutting edge of music for the last 25 years. One of the original founders of the World Beat movement, and now an influential performer and promoter in the emerging international live looping movement, he incorporates a vast array of world music and pop styles in his repertoire combining instruments from the most primal to the most modern with state of the art digital looping and signal processing instruments.

An exceptionally versatile and sensitive musician, he is eccentrically creative, finding rhythm and melody in hundreds of everyday objects.

He is also the founder of the Y2K_ International Live Looping Festivals, the largest international live looping festival series on the planet and has been responsible for producing or directly inspiring 35 live looping festivals in 15 countries around the world as well as producing several creative new music festivals in Northern California (the Festival of Found and Invented Sound, The Festival of Voice and Electronics, the 1st Bass Looping Festivals, the Festival of Emerging Santa Cruz Electronica, the First Woman's Live Looping Festival, the Spirit of Africa and many more).

He has also performed, toured and recorded with many master musicians from around the globe, collaborating and backing artists like Bob Brozman (USA), Debhashish Battycharya (India), Martin Simpson (England), Djeli Moussa Djawara (Guinea), Babatunde Olatunje (Nigeria), Amel Tafsout (Algeria), Rene Lacaille (La Reunion), Ali Farke Toure (Mali), Hamza El Din (Nubia),Takashi Hiryasu (Okinawa), Pajoe Amissah Aidoo (Ghana),Massimo Liverani (Italy) Familia Valera (Cuba), George Pilali (Greece), David Hidalgo (Los Lobos/USA), David Lyndley (USA), Michael Manring (USA), Steve Lawson (UK), Per Boysen (Sweden), Matthias Grob (Switzerland/Brazil), Ile Aye (Brazil), Olodum (Brazil), Luca Formentini (Italy), Sunao Inami (Japan), Phantasmagoria (Japan), Paul Marshall (Northern Ireland), Bernhard Wagner (Switzerland), Luis Angulo (Mexico), Andreas Willers (Germany), Andre LaFosse (USA), Titos Sompa (Congo), Abdoulaye Djakite (Senegal), Krispen Hartung (USA), Jeff Kaiser (USA), Henry Kaiser (USA) and many others.

He has opened for acts such as Los Lobos, Santana, the Neville Brothers, Huey Lewis and the News, Cher, Kenny G, Todd Rundgren, the Residents, Youssou NDour, Thomas Mapfumo, Sly and Robbie, Steel Pulse, Wailing Souls, the Thompson Twins, Berlin and many others.

He resides in Santa Cruz, California with his wife, singer/songwriter Chris Wedertz, where he teaches, performs, records and releases original recordings as:

|()()p.p()()| (found sound/live looping), PurpleIHand (abstract electronica), nO thiN-g (dark ambient, noise, experimental), Ultra Violette (synth goth, industrial, ebm) and the RICK WALKER TRIO (modal acoustic jazz).

Rick also was the first recipient of the Gail Rich Award for Service to the Arts, the Calabash Award for Excellence in the Ethnic Arts and served as Arts Commissioner for the City of Santa Cruz from 2002-2005.

Bill Walker (USA)

Guitar/Lapsteel billwalker@baymoon.com

Bill Walker is one of the most sophisticated guitar players active on the West Coast of the United States. His breadth of styles and wide technological range gives him a broad musical palette that he applies to every different musical setting with tremendous lyricism and taste. Armed with an array of electric and acoustic guitars, and utilizing state of the art looping and sound processing technology, Bill has taken the one-man-band concept in a bold new direction. State of the art digital live looping technology allows Bill to record himself as he is playing and create lush, multi-layered guitar ensembles, otherworldly sounds, and textures. He has an impressive range of style and timbre: From searing electric leads to beautiful lap steel slide guitar, guitar synthesizer, and finger picking steel and nylon string acoustic guitars, he runs the gamut of style and taste. He is renowned as a master of Digital processing, midi, guitar synthesizer programming, and guitar sound design. Bill is also a warm and engaging performer, blending humor with serious musicianship.

As one of the San Francisco, and Monterey Bay Area's most versatile guitarists, Bill has enjoyed a 25 year performing, recording, touring and teaching career that has spanned rock, pop, jazz, RnB, blues, world beat, and a host of other genres, including stints with drum legend Babatunde Olatunji, RCA recording artist " Opafire" and New Wave provocateurs "Tao Chemical". He was a founding member one of the first world beat Bands to play in the United States, started in the late 70’s. The band 'Rhythmical' began fusing a polyglot of styles, including Africa, India, Indonesia, the Middle East, Celtic, and American roots. He later formed, with his brother Rick, the innovative successor to that band, 'Worlds Collide'., that toured Japan in the early 90’s.

Bill Walker has shared the stage as a supporting act for many acts including the Tony Levin Band, Marotta /Griesgraber, the Neville Brothers, King Sunny Ade, Ali Farka Toure, Thomas Mapfumo, Youssou N Dour, Michelle Shocked, the Psychedelic Furs, the Thompson Twins, Missing Persons, Johnny Clegg, Kenny G, Cher, Huey Lewis and the News, and a host of others. In addition to a busy playing and recording schedule, Bill also works as a private guitar Instructor, and as a demo artist for Rick Turner and Renaissance Guitars, the Seymour Duncan, and DTAR companies, and The Bose Corporation. He is a representing artist for the latest state of the art hardware live looping device, the Looperlative, also using the device in his live shows and helping with ideas for design innovation. He has just recently completed his first film score and is completing his first solo CD of live looping based music. Bill lives with his wife , and songwriting partner, Nancy Milin, and dog Finny, in Santa Cruz, California.

Ted Killian (USA)

Guitar http://www.tedkillian.com

Feedback shreiks and EBow howls over hypnotic grooves add up to a great soundtrack for a bad dream." - Matt Blacket, Guitar Player, July 2002.

Shambling onto the stage with somewhat rumpled attire, shy demeanor, and a bulky, middle-aged frame gone soft, Ted Killian doesn't cut the figure of your standard issue, dionysian artist-musician type . . . let alone that of a kooky, loner, guitar innovator and visual artist with a small cult of fans from Lithuania to Australia based solely on a single CD put out over seven years ago on Jeff Kaiser's tiny but influential record label, pfMENTUM.

Born in 1953, Ted began prodigiously painting in oils at age 7 - when all of his friends and peers were still using crayons and finger paints. He has since had numerous one-man shows, museum exhibits and installations of his art. He makes his living and supports his family in Medford, Oregon entirely as an in-demand graphic designer, writer and artist.

On a decidedly slower (but no less determined) trajectory, he took up the guitar at age 10, began experimenting with tape loops and FX (and recording his own music) in his 20s, commenced performing publicly in his 30s, and put out his first official mass-produced CD in his 40s. Now, in his mid 50s, he is still about as far from being any sort of guitar-slinging "rock-god" as anyone could possibly be. But he has garnered critical acclaim in the underground press, developed a unique instrumental voice and a frightening command of his musical palette — flying entirely by the seat of his pants and entirely below the greater cultural radar.

Onstage, he still seems to be a bit lost, like somebody's absent-minded father who caught the wrong bus home and doesn't know quite where he is . . . or why. But, appearances often become irrelevant when he closes his eyes and begins to play. Perhaps it's best just to close our eyes too, because nothing really quite prepares you for what's coming anyway. It's better just to listen.

Ted's 2001 solo recording "Flux Aeterna" is available at iTunes and CD Baby, and his 2008 duet CD collaboration with guitarist Krispen Hartung "Mojo at the Dojo" is available at CD Baby


Bass, Percussion, Line6 DL4 Website
A newcomer to the looping scene, Catfish Jon Kessler has long been known for swimming around various musical currents (often upstream). He has played rock, funk, reggae, R&B, blues, jazz, and roots music. He is known for playing country music, mostly from other countries, like Turkey , Armenia , Lebanon , Ireland and the Republic of the Congo . He has also played in Klezmer and Ladino bands, because he does not discriminate against countries that no longer have a geographic location. Whether being a funky white guy playing predominantly African-American music, or a funky American guy playing Turkish and Arab music, he has kept the groove first and foremost.

The muddy waters of Catfish's career have been deep and wide. While a complete list of the bands he has played with would irreparably clog up internet traffic, some notable discographic moments includes Irie, the One Heart Band, Juicy Lucy, Batiki Beat, Savoir Faire, Farabi, and currently playing Americana and roots music with Roots 66 and Folk in A . He has been fortunate to perform with Joe Cocker, Walfredo Reyes, Necati Çelik, John Bilezikjian, and Willam "Smitty" Smith, among others. Rumors that he chloroformed their bass players to get those gigs are unsubstantiated.

Catfish bases his looping interludes on the expressiveness, textures, and irresistible groove of the fretless bass, augmented by percussion and sometimes voice. Catfish Jon says "Folks is always frettin' too much. Americans is a fretful people. We worry all the time. I figure that playing fretless bass helps balance out all that fretfulness. Singin' and bangin' on things helps some, too."


Shovel guitar, harmonica, bullhorn

“Isaac Frankle is a musical wiz kid.” - Christa Martin, The Goodtimes Santa Cruz, 2006

'Shovelman's music would be playing on the radio if Tom Waits and Les Claypool ever went on a road trip together ......and were lost.'- Chip, 'So Wat TV

'The results are in and the decision is final. If ever I'm looking for a lead shovel, or if anyone is for that matter, Shovelman is the first and only logical choice.'-Klaus Flouride, The Dead Kennedys

'Now and then you think you've seen all the shoot you're going to see...then, out of the ether, comes Shovelman and when he's got the slide on those strings and he's singing those old time songs, he's bringing you back the days of LPs and a decade old needle on the living room floor...' - JJ Schultz, Host of SF Bay Guardian's best open mic - The Hotel Utah Saloon

'Isaac Frankle -'Shovel Man' Is not just a Guitarist, Singer, Lyricist but a Percussionist Harmonica Player Instrument Inventor Artist/Scientist & Sound Sculptor 'Shovel Man' will,without a doubt,blow your mind away, and then some!UNREAL Is his talent!I, literally, think he's from The Future and has a Time Machine tucked in his back pocket which he uses to travel back & forth from the 30's Mississppi Delta Blues to early & current Tom Waits to Appalachian Roots Music to 60's & 70's Funk & Soul80's Experimental Synth & Punk back to the Contemporary Nashville Folk scene& Underground Loop Artists of today Exploring the boundless nature of Earth's Eclectic Music and perhaps introducing us to the future of it, as well Summoning the likes of Les Claypool, Beck, Leonard Cohen,Nirvana, Bob Dylan and a host of influential sound makers of old & now Blending them all into something that resembles A Young Unassuming Chap& A Wacked-Out Antique Shovel. What follows the assembly of this One Man Dimension Hopping Troubadour is nothing less than astonishing!!'-Jonathan Siegel, San Francisco's 'Poetry Mission'


Guitar, saz, oud, wind, & percussion http://negaramusic.org
J.D.Devros is a composer/songwriter, musician, poet, and author of numerous short stories. He has played guitar and related stringed instruments for many years and in many genres, from acoustic folk, hard core punk, and ska, to blues, alt-rock, and avant-garde/experimental. His band 'Big Medicine Head' played the CMJ Festival in New York City, and was voted the "Best Band in Santa Cruz" two years in a row. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon where he plays oud, cumbus, and saz along with his guitar and looping gear to the Middle Eastern/N.African/Indian influenced music of his band Negara and, until just recently, Gypsy Caravan & Mizna.

J.D. is currently working on releasing a CD of experimental and looping material that will include the many flavors of his musical journey.


Drum Machine www.ribosomemusic.com
Originally born in Agawam, Massachusetts, Matt Davignon has been developing his own unique form of improvisation (for better or worse) since 1994. He spent his formative music years locked in a garage in Sonoma County, California, tinkering with tools such as lo-fi samplers, cassette tapes, contact microphones, household objects, extensive chains of guitar effects, prepared instruments, and field recordings. These explorations continued as he moved to San Francisco in 1997, then Oakland in 2001. In 2003, he discovered he could make more sounds than he could ever imagine by processing a drum machine in real-time with various devices. This has been a focus of his work since then. Characteristics of his music include a focus on textures, arrhythmic patterns and musical imperfections, with a focus on evoking biological systems.

On some occasions he can still be seen playing turntable, cassette tape recorders, live samples of other musicians or 'the bucket of crap' - an assortment of household objects and toy instruments. Matt has organized events such as the San Francisco Found Objects Festival and Sound/Shift Oakland.


Bass www.cdbaby.com/ghost7
Basssist Dan Soltzberg records and performs as ghost 7. His track, Screaming Gulls, from the CD New Directions in Static was recently used by E True Hollywood Stories.


Visual media http://www.graf.no
Peter Knudsen, born and living in Oslo, Norway. Graphic designer since 1981. Worked a lot with visualizing music in different media: Exhibitions, print, web and motion graphics.


Electric guitar, EH Mini Synthesizer Keyboard  
S T A N O S A U R has played most of the west coast loopfests since '99 LoopStock. He has been looping since the EH 16Sec. DDL came out in the 80s. He plays the Low Frequency Drones.


Vocals, guitar http://www.gohnakamura.com

"It's a coincidence of course, but Goh Nakamura's tunes orbit the same sphere as a triumvirate of "E" songwriters: Elliot Smith, Elvis Costello, and Evan Dando. And while we bandy about the alliterations let's include: Ken Stringfellow, Matthew Sweet, and Ron Sexsmith. Also: "smart," "soaring" (as in melodies), and "significant" (as in talent). His videos have been viewed over a million times on YouTube, which, in our hypervirile economy, wouldn't impress necessarily after all, this is the same site that brought instant fame to a Britney Spears apologist who gives histrionic dispatches from beneath his blankie. The difference is Nakamura is not a fleeting flavor: Ulysses (self-released) has wings."

Nathan Baker (San Francisco Bay Guardian)


Moog Etherwave Pro Theremin http://kevinkissinger.com
Kevin Kissinger, thereminist and composer, is from Kansas City, Mo. Kevin composes music for theremin that includes live-looping works. A member of the "Spellbound" artists list, Kevin has performed at the Electro-music and Electronic Music Midwest festivals as well as the Y2K7 International Live Looping festival. In 2008, Kevin appeared as a guest thereminist for the album "Virtuality" by Amin Bhatia. The new film, "Golgatha" by Karla-Jean Davis includes some of Kevin's multi-track theremin performances. Kevin's goal is to merge tonal theremin performance with computer-based looping techniques to create challenging theremin works.





I like to play and pray with sounds, using voice, piano, strings, and percussion, nearly always improvised. I play for/with kids, dance jams (free-form and contact), yoga classes, theater, cafes, festivals, music circles, drum circles, massage clinics, art openings, nature, etc. I also facilitate vocal improv circles for kids and adults - communal music-making, which is my main focus these days. for the loopfest, i will be doing an all-vocal set.


Acoustic guitars, oud, mandolin, tape http://www.chinapaintingmusic.com
The duo Chinapainting features guitarists Jim Goodin and Daryl Shawn spontaneously creating new material, drawing on everything from modern minimalism to glitchcore to free jazz, and even traditional folk and world musics. If you can picture the California Guitar Trio jamming on Terry Riley with Sonic Youth, remixed by Christian Marclay, you might begin to get a sense of the unique territory this duo is mapping out.

Though the two musicians live far apart, Jim in Brooklyn and Daryl in Oaxaca, Mexico, they have developed their musical relationship through the Internet, using a piece of open-source software called NinJam, which has allowed them to create their music interactively in real time.

Goodin and Shawn’s guitar-based collaboration is enhanced by the unique use of cassette tape loops, essentially creating a new instrument from the humble four-track recorder, as well as a few simple effects and the occasional inclusion of other acoustic instruments such as oud, mandolin and violin.


Reason + controller www.gregoryville.com
Locked in an apparently endless struggle to play fluid jazz piano, Greg Powers takes time out from time to time to play with time using various electronic devices, mostly software these days. Perhaps as a result of living for a time within the shadow of the huge particle accelerator main ring at Fermi National Labs, Greg is fascinated with the collision of multiple streams of rhythmic particles and the resultant release of sub-atomic phenomena.

A loopie newbie to live looping, this will be Greg’s second performance in a looping context. (The first looping was at the Y2K Looping Festival in 2005 (Y2K5?), which came about via a chance encounter with Rick Walker in a local bookstore -- Rick spotted Greg reading a music tech magazine, introduced himself, talked a bit, and 5 minutes later invited Greg to perform.) (Greg is hoping to secure a major film scoring gig in the same manner; thus you will frequently find him frequenting the magazine section of that same bookstore.)


Strat, digital delay, and digital delay http://www.myspace.com/desperatelyrandom

I've played electric guitar since grade school, and I started playing the Chapman Stick around the time I turned 20. Switching to Stick was the first time that I seriously began to ponder tunings other than 'standard guitar'. A couple years after that, I experimented with running a series of relatively short delays, in series, and feeding it back into the beginning to get a 5 or 6 second 'loop'...Quite noisy and not necessarily the most practical for live use, but it started me on the path to 'real' looping. Soon after I acquired a DigiTech that offers me both fairly sophisticated features and simple intuitive use.

I don't know if this comes through in my music at all (I do use a fair amount of processing at times), but I love the way that the instrument sounds just by itself, nakedly. Conversely, I've also developed a great love for mangling and twisting sounds. Hopefully into something new and unique...My solo live performances tend to be minimalist, scattered, and ambient, using the humble tools that I can't get away from--Strat and delay.

I've performed in festivals on the West Coast (Woodstockhausen, Santa Cruz Digital Arts Festival, Sound/Shift Big Sur) before relocating to the East Coast and performed in bars, coffee shops, and a few more festivals. I am now living in the Bay Area.


Guitar www.barrycleveland.com

Barry Cleveland's guitar playing combines psychedelic, ambient, progressive, funk, and various "world" music influences with unusual sounds created using unorthodox playing techniques and electronic processing.

Cleveland released his first commercial album on Larry Fast's Audion Recording Company label in 1986. Mythos combined layers of guitar with Bob Stohl and Kat Epple's woodwinds, synthesizers, and light percussion; and Michael Masley's otherworldly bowhammer cymbalom. The CD received glowing reviews.

Voluntary Dreaming, released on Scarlet Records in 1989, also met with critical acclaim. The music had an electronic edge, but also encroached upon world music territory with the addition of Michael Pluznick's African and Middle Eastern percussion. Michael Masley's bowhammer cymbalom, and Robert Powell's pedal-steel guitar, added exotic harmonic and melodic touches.

During the '90s, Cleveland performed with the improvisational quintet Cloud Chamber, a group which included multi-instrumentalist Michael Masley, bassist Michael Manring, cellist Dan Reiter, and percussionist Joe Venegoni. Cloud Chamber performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area over a period of several years, and released its critically acclaimed Dark Matter CD (produced by Cleveland) in 1998. During this time Cleveland also recorded material that would eventually appear on Volcano and Memory & Imagination

Volcano is an explosive mixture of African and Afro-Haitian rhythms and progressive, jazz, ambient, and world music elements, featuring Michael Manring (bass), Michael Pluznick (percussion), Norbert Stachel (winds/reeds/EWI), Michael Masley (cymbalom/original instruments), and other artists. The 2-CD Memory & Imagination features the very best of Voluntary Dreaming and Mythos on one disc, and nine loop-based improvisational guitar and percussion compositions, performed almost entirely by Cleveland, on the other.

Cleveland is currently recording new material (this time with lyrics) for an upcoming CD. Featured artists include bassist Michael Manrin, drummer Celso Alberti, pedal-steel guitarist Robert Powell, and vocalist Amy X Neuburg.

Carl Weingarten (USA)

Guitar http://www.mphase.com

An artist on the independent music scene for nearly three decades, Carl Weingarten’s 1981 dark-ambient release Submergings was the first of over 20 titles on his Multiphase Records label. Carl’s musical influences range from the soundtracks of Ennio Morricone to the music of Brian Eno, from Indian ragas, to the classical music of Antonio Vivaldi, Domenico Scarlatti, and American jazz and blues. “For many years, these genres were considered diametrically apposed, but I always heard what was common, and not what was different.”

Carl has performed guitar looping concerts since the early 1980s. His group Delay Tactics (1981-86), was among the first independent bands to use digital delays in both studio recordings and live looping performances. Carl has performed across the U.S., including as the opener for Bill Bruford’s Earthworks in Boston 1987. His recordings include work with artists, Kit Watkins, Michael Manring, Barry Cleveland, Alex De Grassi, Fareed Haque, Shweta Jhaveri, Charlie Bisharat, Kavi Alexander, Kat Epple, Jie-Bing Chen, Joe Venegoni, Forrest Fang, Sukhawat Ali Kahn, Robert Powell, Bill Bottrell and many others.

A photographer since the age of seven, Carl earned his degree in cinema production, which inspired his atmospheric style. “The Cinematic tone in my music comes from my visual arts background. I try to paint it all in sound.”

Peter Cor (USA)

Keyboards, guitar www.petercormusic.com

Peter Cor, a NEW YORK native, has composed for Film and TV projects,Pop Radio,Radio Jingles,and many other sound environments(theater and modern dance productions)His music has been used for the movies The Sixth Man(Disney),Muppets from Space,and TV shows such asBernie Mac Show,Pimp My Ride,Howie Mandel,Quantum Leap,and many others.He has also composed for major Pop groups like Earth Wind & Fire,Tuck& Patti,Lee Ritenour,Lenny White,among others.

Working in both the US and Europe for past two decades,Peter Cor brings a 'Wordly" vision to his soundtracks.Having played and studied both Classical and Jazz,as well as performed with Reggae and African groups,his music encompasses a wide variety of styles.

Residing in Santa Cruz,Ca for the last 14 years,Peter Cor has his own band The JAZZY DEVILS(www.jazzydevils.com),set to release their new CD this fall,and his looping CD"Into The Light"(www.petercormusic.com) from which he will be performing some cuts at this year's Y2K8. This is his third year in a row performing at the festival.