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Peter Cor (USA)

Keyboards, guitar



Peter Cor, a NEW YORK native, has composed for Film and TV projects,Pop Radio,Radio Jingles,and many other sound environments(theater and modern dance productions)His music has been used for the movies The Sixth Man(Disney),Muppets from Space,and TV shows such asBernie Mac Show,Pimp My Ride,Howie Mandel,Quantum Leap,and many others.He has also composed for major Pop groups like Earth Wind & Fire,Tuck& Patti,Lee Ritenour,Lenny White,among others.

Working in both the US and Europe for past two decades,Peter Cor brings a 'Wordly" vision to his soundtracks.Having played and studied both Classical and Jazz,as well as performed with Reggae and African groups,his music encompasses a wide variety of styles.

Residing in Santa Cruz,Ca for the last 14 years,Peter Cor has his own band The JAZZY DEVILS, set to release their new CD this fall,and his looping CD"Into The Light" from which he will be performing some cuts at this year's Y2K8. This is his third year in a row performing at the festival.




“Isaac Frankle is a musical wiz kid.” - Christa Martin, The Goodtimes Santa Cruz, 2006

"Shovelman's music would be playing on the radio if Tom Waits and Les Claypool ever went on a road trip together ......and were lost." - Chip, 'So Wat TV' Santa Cruz

"The results are in and the decision is final. If ever I'm looking for a lead shovel, or if anyone is for that matter, Shovelman is the first and only logical choice." -Klaus Flouride, The Dead Kennedys

"Now and then you think you've seen all the shoot you're going to see...then, out of the ether, comes Shovelman and when he's got the slide on those strings and he's singing those old time songs, he's bringing you back the days of LPs and a decade old needle on the living room floor..." - JJ Schultz, Host of SF Bay Guardian's best open mic - The Hotel Utah Saloon

"Isaac Frankle -'Shovel Man' Is not just a Guitarist, Singer, Lyricist but a Percussionist Harmonica Player Instrument Inventor Artist/Scientist & Sound Sculptor 'Shovel Man' will, without a doubt, blow your mind away, and then some! UNREAL Is his talent! I, literally, think he's from The Future and has a Time Machine tucked in his back pocket which he uses to travel back & forth from the 30's Missisppi Delta Blues to early & current Tom Waits to Appalachian Roots Music to 60's & 70's Funk & Soul 80's Experimental Synth & Punk back to the Contempory Nashville Folk scene & Underground Loop Artists of today Exploring the boundless nature of Earth's Eclectic Music and perhaps introducing us to the future of it, as well Summoning the likes of Les Claypool, Beck, Leonard Cohen, Nirvana, Bob Dylan and a host of influential sound makers of old & now Blending them all into something that resembles A Young Unassuming Chap & A Wacked-Out Antique Shovel What follows the assembly of this One Man Dimension Hopping Troubadour is nothing less than astonishing!!" -Jonathan Siegel, San Francisco's 'Poetry Mission'