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Y2K9 Musician Biographies


Ariane Cap



Austrian born and raised, bassist/composer/educator Ariane Cap now lives in Northern California.

As s a bassist, she is currently busy performing and recording with bands such as The Sippy Cups, a psychedelic Rock’n Roll Circus appealing to kids and their parents alike featuring jugglers and aerialists, and The Palmwine Boys, who fuse acoustic African Palmwine Music with Americana. Her playing is also heavily inspired by many other projects she has been part of. Enjoying eclectic styles she particularly loved playing with bands such as the Mozartband (a fusion of funk, rock and Mozart featuring members of the Viennese Philharmonic), and the Celtic Rock Band Tempest, who she toured with for three years.

Inspired by the likes of Michael Manring, Steve Lawson Jeff Schmidt and Steve Bailey, Ariane also performs solo, with and without loopers. Her solo program is heavily influenced by various World Music genres and the music of J.S. Bach.

A highly active educator, Ariane is the creator and director of Step Up Music Vallejo, a music teaching studio that offers one-on-one lessons, ensemble classes, workshops, as well as ORFF and TaKeTiNa classes. Ariane co-conducts bass seminars and rock camps all over the US.
As a freelancing composer and sound designer Ariane has turned out music and sound for hand held and online games for Wolf Track Audio, Karney Music and Somatone.

Mike Crain



www.myspace.com/mikecraincom or www.mikecrain.com

Mike is a composer and percussionist living in Northern California. He currently spends much of his time teaching, composing, looping, and riding his bicycle long distances relatively speaking of course.

Drum Machine


Originally born in Agawam, Massachusetts, Matt Davignon has been developing his own unique form of improvisation (for better or worse) since 1994. He spent his formative music years locked in a garage in Sonoma County, California, tinkering with tools such as lo-fi samplers, cassette tapes, contact microphones, household objects, extensive chains of guitar effects, prepared instruments, and field recordings. These explorations continued as he moved to San Francisco in 1997, then Oakland in 2001. In 2003, he discovered he could make more sounds than he could ever imagine by processing a drum machine in real-time with various devices. This has been a focus of his work since then. Characteristics of his music include a focus on textures, arrhythmic patterns and musical imperfections, with a focus on evoking biological systems.

On some occasions he can still be seen playing turntable, cassette tape recorders, live samples of other musicians or 'the bucket of crap' - an assortment of household objects and toy instruments. Matt has organized events such as the San Francisco Found Objects Festival and Sound/Shift Oakland.

Gustaf Fjelstrom



For more that fifteen years Gustaf Fjelstrom helped anchor Maximum Indifference, developing and refining their signature blend of cinematic instrumental rock music. Now, with MI on an indefinite hiatus, Gustaf forges ahead with an entirely new musical approach. Armed with an NS Design Bass Cello, some simple processing, and a Looperlative LP-1, Gustaf plunges head-first into the ambient realms of atmosphere, conjuring up lush night-scapes of luxurious tones. Soaring harmonics, deep, hypnotic bass, and hauntingly ethereal melodies emanate and intertwine, cascading and enveloping with rich cinematic ambiance.

Laurel Murphy and Ryan Slemko (Canada)



Vancouver-born Laurel Murphy is a singer and improviser. Her music has been described as soulful and haunting, sometimes humorous and often unexpected. She started looping in 1999 and believes it has helped keep her sane. “How great it is to really be able to hear yourself-self-self.” Laurel enjoys improvising with humans as well as electronics. She has collaborated with singers, dancers, poets, and choral groups, and in 1995 she produced “SongRise”--a five-hour improvised soundscape involving 1200 voices. Laurel has had the good fortune of performing and recording with Rhiannon and other members of Bobby McFerrin’s "Voicestra” and was featured in the documentary film "SING” in 2000. She has also spent time as a jazz and studio vocalist and has been teaching workshops in vocal improvisation since 1997.

Laurel is joined by vocalist and friend Ryan Slemko. His jazz-infused electronica band, "Fidgital" frequently charted in Canada, and their last chill-out album "Departure" peaked at #18 on the US electronica charts. Vocal experimentation and in-the-moment song writing are now his focus.

Planet Loop

acoustic drums, electric bass, pedals, pads and samples


With just two musicians wielding a full-band sized arsenal of acoustic drums, electric bass, pedals, pads and samples, PLANET LOOP is a unique trip not to be missed. Hailing from Berkeley, CA by way of Boston, MA, the duo forges its unique brand of “live electronic global jazz,” combining wild improvisation with the deep rhythms of worldbeat, funk, and electronica music. Latin/Indian/African drum patches mingle with cello loops, spoken word clips, otherworldly vocal lines, fat bass effects, and just about anything else they can pull out of their electronic hats.

“Part of the hypnotic nature of our songs comes from the loops we create and the influences we draw from,” notes bassist Michael Schaller. “But, we are a live band with jazz roots, committed to creating all of our sounds in the moment, on the stage.”

The project is the most recent brainchild of longtime collaborators Michael Schaller (bass/loops/samples) and Carrie Jahde (drums/electronics). The two have collectively performed on stages spanning all corners of the United States, Italy, and Eastern Europe. Having played and released records together in various projects for close to a decade, the duo takes spontaneous musical communication to an entirely new level.

“Our music is an organic outcome of our long history together as performers,” explains drummer Carrie Jahde. “We both have so many ideas that need to come out; in this duo we find the perfect forum to collaborate, take musical risks, and just enjoy the ride.”

Since 2007, PLANET LOOP has relentlessly spread their sounds, touring across both US coasts and becoming regulars in the Bay Area festival and venue scene. ENJOY YOUR STAY, PLANET LOOP’s full-length studio album, was released in August 2007 and continues to receive radio and internet attention throughout the country.

Premonition Factory




Premonition Factory is the Ambient project of Sjaak Overgaauw, born in The Netherlands (1968) and living in Antwerp, Belgium. Premonition Factory has been started in September 2009 and is a spin-off project of demo material recorded between August 2008 and July 2009. The debut CD is scheduled to be released in February 2010 and will contain Ambient live improvisation tracks.

Dan Robbins



Dan Robbins has played or recorded in settings ranging from solo, duo, trio, etc. to big band and orchestra, and is known for driving, creative, harmonically and melodically rich background and lead parts on bass. He doubles on both acoustic bass, and four, five, six, and seven-string electric bass, in styles ranging from solo electric jazz chord-melody arrangements, to hard-swinging jazz double bass accompaniment, acoustic and electric funk, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Carribean, rock, blues, tango, Indian, and fusion styles, as well as arco (played with the bow) classical and comtemporary interpretations of composed music. He brings a fiery improvisational spirit and energy to all the projects he is involved with. Currently co-leading the funk trio Wasabi, he also has an ongoing duo project with distinguished California Poet Laureate Al Young, and plays bass for the Hristo Vitchev Quartet, Joe DeRose & Amici, the Weber Iago Trio, Vandivier, the Martann Mann Trio, the Roger Eddy Band, and also does solo concerts. He also teaches privately and for the Monterey Jazz Festival and San Jose Jazz Society, and freelances in studios and venues in the Bay Area and beyond.

Jay Robinson

Guitar, Bass, Drums and Percussion


Jay Robinson has adapted a unique ability to play solo performances with a full band set-up of instruments creating layers and textures with the help of a loop pedal. Jay's instrumental performances touch on Blues, Jazz, Electronica and Reggae. Watching Jay bring the music to life in a live setting with Guitar, Bass, Drums and Percussion is a unique experience that should not be missed.


Guitar, vocals


Taito is the guitar player and vocalist for the Tokyo based band Noise Clinic, http://www.myspace.com/noizukurinikku and for Oh My Cow! in Kyoto, http://www.myspace.com/ohmycow and http://ohmycow.com and for the hard core noise band +DOG+ http://www.myspace.com/dogstevedog though some of you may still remember Taito from back in the old Santa Cruz, California days of Junk Sick Dawn http://jsdarchive.org/ in the mid to late 1990's. Check out the unfinished wikiscum page at: http://scum.wikia.com/wiki/Tait_Reed
Taito has been active in music on the West Coast of the USA since the late 1980's. After nearly 4 years in Japan, he is now sequestered to California, USA for some solo recording and shows.

Daniel Shane Thomas



A busy musician, recording engineer, and producer, Daniel has contributed to dozens of CDs, soundtracks, and video game titles. His work includes chart topping albums for international recording labels, original compositions for film and television, and genre defining sound design work for major instrument manufacturers.

Daniel has travelled the world supporting many international recording artists including, Bob Brozman, Martin Simpson, Tony Levin Trio, Rene Lacaille, Debashish Bhattacharya, the California Guitar Trio, Los Lobos, David Lindley, the Strawbs, the Waifs, and more.

Daniel provides consulting services to major audio and music technology companies. At one time or another, Daniel has contributed to products from Creative Labs, EMU, Korg, Tascam, Universal Audio, Mackie, and others. As a result, his sound design and groove programming is heard in musical instrument products the world over.



Steve Uccello, the cofounder of UCCELLO PROJECT, is an Upright and Electric Bassist, multi-Instrumentalist, Live Looper and Composer. He's a versatile musician who authentically approaches each style he plays. Steve has self-produced two solo albums, the recently released SYMMETRIA, an instrumental bass-centric journey comprised of 14 songs, and the 2006 release, Polar Vision, a vocal-psychedelic-folk-rock album. Studying under the world-renowned bassists Stan Poplin and Ray Drummond, Steve was the first Jazz Studies graduate from CSU Monterey Bay in 2005. Steve provides the bottom end for the Monterey Bay Jazz Orchestra, slated to play this year’s Monterey Jazz Festival. Steve Uccello has shared the stage with artists such as Steve Lawson and Joe Craven. Uccello was a featured guest at the 2009 Mandolin Symposium, working closely and playing with David Grisman and Mike Marshall. He has toured and/or recorded with the unique singer/multi-instrumentalist Dayan Kai, Kerrville & Telluride winner Keith Greeninger, singer/environmental activist David Grimes, Jazz composer Kirk Danielson, Spanish Nuevo Cancion artist Juan L. Sanchez, and Italy based Gospel artist Nehemiah Brown. In October, Steve will be playing solo at the Y2K Loopfest in Santa Cruz, California.
Sayaka Yabuki


Sayaka Yabuki is an electronic sound artist, vocalist and DJ, currently based in California, USA. Born in Japan, Sayaka immigrated to the USA with her family, during the 1980s, at the same time beginning her classical violin studies. As a teenager, she became fascinated with punk music and the visual arts. These interests intersected in the culmination of her first song, written as an anthem for a human-powered sculpture. As a university student, while trekking through Europe in 1994, Sayaka discovered electronic dance culture and became inspired to make music in that vein. During her travels, Sayaka met Australian electronic music pioneer, Steve Law aka Zen Paradox, who introduced her to experimental music composition using both electronic and found sounds. Sayaka has since been active as a performer in the US, Japan and Australia. Early formative performances include TechnoFest (Heathcote, Australia), The Lounge (Club Filter, Melbourne), Save the Robots (NYC), Fort Thunder (Providence), Toneburst (MassArt, Boston) and Circle (Gnome Fatty Tribe, Boston). Beginning this millenium, while living in Japan, Sayaka created her techno pop project Sayaka Starlite, simultaneously launching Holographic Heart Creations. As Sayaka Starlite, she has performed around the world including Bullet’s(Tokyo), Sputnik Beach (Tsujido) and Teriyaki Chill (Melbourne). As DJ Sayaka, she has opened for bands including Sonic Boom, Asobi Seksu, Brazilan Girls and Chk, Chk, Chk. Sayaka’s guest vocals can be heard on Black Cab ‘s "13 Days", Memory Geist’s "Deepest Reaches" and Steve Law’s "The Sensuous Sound". Sayaka gave her first live looping performance in 2009 at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, as part of the exhibition Assemblage + Collage + Construction, collaborating with live looper, Jack Schultz and visual artist, Mark Shunney. Sayaka is currently composing a piece for ensemble and electronics, to be premiered in January 2010, by New Music Works.