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Y2KX Musician Biographies


Andrew Aldridge



Andrew Aldridge is the founder of the Toronto based ‘Planet of the Loops’ event. This monthly looping ‘improvised jam’ was started in 1998 and spawned the now weekly event ‘The Ambient Ping’, now in its 10th year. At the time this was the only public looping performance in Toronto. A first year anniversary CD titled ‘document’ featured many of the musicians from the first year of looping.

Andrew’s double life as a national and international touring/recording guitarist has taken him around the world and given him the opportunity to play with many talented artists. Sadly, his busy schedule forced him to take the Planet of the Loops out of ‘the loop’ 5 years into it. The Ambient Ping is still going and has become a premier ambient night that has featured performers from all over.

Having been an active part of the Canadian music scene for 20 years, Andrew’s interest in the more experimental side of things started when he got his first delay pedal in high school. He divided his time in the basement jamming to Jeff Beck, Peter Frampton and Queen and making ‘strange noises’ with his digital delay and analog tape loops. After high school Andrew continued on to College and received a degree in composition/arranging, and always had a penchant for the more ‘outside’ things. Throughout the 90’s Andrew played with many ‘pop/rock’ artists and began to make name for himself as a supportive guitarist. During this time he met many other Toronto based musicians that surprisingly had the same interest in looping/experimental improvised music. In 1998 Andrew decided to get some of these like minded musicians together and the Planet of the Loops was born.

As a professional musician Andrew has toured/recorded with Sarah Slean, Danny Michel, Sean Ashby (Sarah McLachlan), Jakalope (NIN, Skinny Puppy), Wild Strawberries, Universal Honey, Chris Baron (Spin Doctors), Bill Dillion (Sarah McLachlan, Peter Gabriel, Dan Lanois), Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow) and many more. Recent projects have included playing guitar with Albert Bouchard (original drummer/co-founder Blue Oyster Cult), co-producing singer/songwriter Mary Simon’s new record and reviving his old experimental rock power trio The Sterling Moss.
Andrew’s appearance at this years’ festival marks his return to the world of the Loops with a strong emphasis on his original idea of bringing people together with true improvised performance. Planet of the Loops has returned with it’s first event at C’est What in Toronto, Saturday Oct 3rd.

Amy X Neuburg

Voice and live electronics


Singer, composer and electronic instrument performer Amy X Neuburg has developed a unique career bridging the boundaries between classical, experimental and popular musics. Her wildly entertaining 'avant-cabaret' songs combine her interests in language and theater, expressive use of

music technology, and exploration of multiple genres using the many colors of her four-octave vocal range. Amy is best known for her solo performances, in which she uses a MIDI drum kit, a real-time looping machine, and an array of sounds and samples to construct complex, meticulously crafted songs and stories one layer at a time. As soloist she has performed at venues as diverse as the Other Minds and Bang on a Can new music festivals, the Berlin International Poetry Festival, the Wellington and Christchurch Jazz Festivals (NZ), electronic music festivals, colleges, clubs and concert halls throughout the U.S. and abroad.

As composer, commissions for voices and chamber ensembles (often with looping electronics) include Robin Cox Ensemble, Present Music, Santa Cruz New Music Works, Solstice vocal ensemble, Christchurch Arts Centre vocalists, Pacific Mozart Ensemble and Del Sol String Quartet, and she performs regularly with her Cello ChiXtet -- a cello trio with live electronics. She has also composed extensively for theater and visual media, including Mondomedia's irreverent Piki & Poko web animations and numerous onstage collaborations with modern dancers.

A classically trained vocalist, Amy has been featured in contemporary operas and recordings including works by Robert Ashley (performed throughout Japan and Europe), Culture Clash and Guillermo Galindo. During the '90s she sang and played electronic drums with her theatrical art-rock band Amy X Neuburg & Men.

Amy received degrees in linguistics and voice from Oberlin College and Oberlin Conservatory and an MFA in electronic music from the Mills College CCM. Her many grants and honors include Arts International, Zellerbach, William & Flora Hewlett, Meet the Composer, The US Embassy New Zealand, LEF, SF Friends of Chamber Music, Phi Beta Kappa and Pi Kappa Lambda.



el. guitar


Since his first solo release in 1981 Andreas Willers has built a repuation as an extraordinary guitar player with a typically rich sound pallette and a broad stilistic background carried by a great sense of form and emotional power. He has worked with jazz stars like Paul Bley, Louis Sclavis and David Liebman as well as with known figures from the Berlin jazz and improv scene and can be heard on over 40 albums.

Andreas will perform material from two different solo albums he released in 2009: „Orange Years“ (Jazzwerkstatt) containing material from his programm „Ground Guitar Music“ which received 4 1/2 stars from the leading German jazz magazine Jazzthetik, and „Drowning Migrant“ (Leo Records), which British magazine The Wire considered „a breakthrough“.

More quotes:
- 'Andreas Willers combines contrasting techniques, worlds of tones and traditions into a singular, easy-to-identify sound.' - rororo Jazz Lexikon

- It sounds to me that Mr. Willers is a master of manipulation as he selects the sounds or textures that consistently evoke images or provoke ideas. 'Drowning Migrant' is the most successful experimental solo guitar(s) offering I've heard in recent memory. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery New York

- 'Man, you sound like jazz guitar, James-Bond-guitar and all freaked-out noise at times. What a thrill!' member of audience, Santa Cruz/CA

- ‚Willers really is a Stupor Mundi guitarist.‘ Bad Alchemy

Andreas Willers would like to thank these organizations for sponsoring his performance:


Barry Cleveland



Barry Cleveland's guitar playing is rooted in progressive and psychedelic rock, branching into ambient, experimental, funk, and various "world music" styles\enhanced by cutting-edge electronics and unorthodox playing techniques. He's also a deft engineer and producer with an idiosyncratic and sometimes iconoclastic approach to recording and mixing.

Cleveland's previous work ranged from ambient and impressionistic to instrumental world fusion--but his latest release, Hologramatron, pushes multiple musical envelopes simultaneously.

Largely a response to contemporary social, political, and even spiritual realities, Hologramatron may be viewed as a modern-day "protest album" that draws inspiration from a musical continuum spanning art rock, psychedelia, avant-metal, ambient, global fusion, trance, and fun--with two early-'60s pop covers tossed in for kicks. Cleveland is all about sound--from his guitar playing to his compositions to his production--and it is the deeply layered, highly nuanced, and cutting-edge sonics that unify this wildly eclectic material.

Hologramatron features virtuoso bass innovator Michael Manring, drummer and percussionist Celso Alberti (Steve Winwood, Airto Moriera), and pedal-steel guitarist Robert Powell (Peter Gabriel, Jackson Browne), along with "avant-cabaret" vocalist Amy X Neuburg, and guest vocalists Harry Manx and Deborah Holland (Animal Logic). Additional musicians include Turkish electro-acoustic guitarist Erdem Helvacioglu, percussionists Gino Robair and Rick Walker, and Michael Masley, a.k.a. the infamous "Artist General."

In addition to playing acoustic and electric 6- and 12-string guitars on Hologramatron, Cleveland utilized a prototype of the revolutionary Moog Guitar and both acoustic and electric GuitarViols--hybrid bowed instruments tuned like a guitar--along with myriad effects processors and alternative playing devices such as a Chinese erhu bow, Masley Bowhammers, and the Ebow.

Besides eight original songs there are two covers: Malvina Reynolds' anti-nuke anthem "What Have They Done to the Rain" and Joe Meek's iconic "Telstar." Bonus tracks include remixes by Evan Schiller ("Lake of Fire") and Forrest Fang ("Abandoned Mines"), as well as an alternate mix of "You'll Just Have to See It to Believe." Grammy Award-winning engineer John Cuniberti mastered the album.

Cleveland is also currently recording an ambient album called The History of Light with Michael Masley (a.k.a. Artist General) and hopes to begin recording an album with French guitarist/synthesist Richard Pinhas early next year.




Among the most innovative guitarists in the world, Bill Walker creates evocative guitar soundscapes that showcase a staggering range of musical influences and techniques. Performing on a variety of electric, acoustic and lap steel guitars, and utilizing state of the art live looping technologies; Bill pioneers bold musical frontiers in improvised performance.

Hypnotic and transporting, Bill’s music is characterized by beautiful improvised motifs, lush multi-layered guitar ensembles, and otherworldly timbres which evolve serendipitously, creating exotic music that defies categorization. Eclectic, soulful, and original, are words that best describe this unique musician.

A veteran of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, Bill has recently embarked on a solo career that took him to Europe last year on a performance and clinic tour, as well as recording dates in Switzerland and Istanbul, Turkey. Most recently Bill collaborated with acclaimed Turkish composer Erdem Helvacioglu on a new CD due out next fall, and is busy completing his own debut CD, and working on music for film

Carl Weingarten

Electric slide guitar


A 30 year veteran of the independent music scene, Carl Weingarten is thrilled to be performing again at the Y2K Looping Festival. Carl’s electric slide guitar is as melodic as it is textural, a distinctive style that touches on avant-garde Jazz to Blues, Americana and classic Indian music. Carl has 19 albums to his credit, including 2 albums with his group Delay Tactics, and has toured as a solo guitarist, including as opener for drummer Bill Bruford’s Earthworks. Carl is currently with a band that includes Jeff Oster (flugelhorn), Michael Manring (bass) and Dave Dilullo (percussion). Carl and Jeff will perform as a duo at Y2KX on Sunday at 3:00.


Acoustic nylon string guitar, analog cassette tape loops, acoustic steel string guitar, oud, violin and digital effects/loops


World experimental acoustic guitar/cassette tape looping duo, from delicate to dark, sublime to playful, joyously introspective. Chinapainting is the collaborative experience of Daryl Shawn and Jim Goodin. Chinapainting was born in the fall of 2006 when by chance email contact Shawn and Goodin to met while Shawn was living in Mexico and Goodin New York. After realizing common musical goals/interests the pair began jamming online through NinJam. Their 4,000 mile apart improvisational dialog evolved and after 8 months the two decided to formerly meet in New York, scheduled a series of performances in the northeast and recorded at a studio in Woodstock the sessions which became Chinapainting's 3rd and first in-person CD, the critically acclaimed Night Blooming Cereus. Chinapainting has continued to meet amid Shawn and Goodin's solo careers as time allows, two to three times annually for small tours of the northeast and west coast. Since their beginning Chinapainting appearances have included venues and festivals such as the Center for Improvised Music (NY), COMA Series/ABC NoRio (NY), Echo Curio (CA), Beyond Baroque (CA), NORCAL Noisefest (CA), Ingenuity Fest Cleveland (OH) and the International Live Looping Festival (CA).

Chris Rainier

electric lap steel guitar


acoustic/electric lapsteel player, guitarist, trautonium, phantastron and weissenborn devotee/performer, improviser/composer, sometime device-builder, based in melbourne, australia.

traditionalist-experimentalist exploiting the creative possibilities of the lap steel guitar, utilizing various preparations, multiple bows, looper and other electronic processing to expand the sonic palette of the instrument.

past performances have included collaborations with north and south indian classical musicians, trio improvisations providing soundtracks to silent films and vintage cartoons, as well as resurrecting the sound of pre-world war II electronic instruments for the guggenheim exhibition at the national gallery of victoria.

2009 : contributed lap steel and guitar to two films scored by ollie olsen, with premieres at the toronto, berlin and melbourne film festivals.

master's degree in composition from the sydney conservatorium, exploring the history and theory of microtonal music, specifically the work of harry partch. designed and built the xenophone [2002] – a microtonal metallophone – and re-constructed a replica of partchfs adapted guitar I, performing the australasian premiere of barstow [1941] live on abc radio national.

2004-06 : built a replica of the trautonium, one of the first electronic musical instruments. currently designing/building a multi-track tape-based audio looping device for live and studio use.

Eric Mandala


MANDALA WORLD MUSIC is my international ethnic fusion world music group with people from around the world. It use traditional influences of music and art to create new and dynamic original material. They've been touring around the world and have collaborated with over 100 Artists. Its focus is to bring sacred styles of art together for a new fusion in this new multi-cultural world. They travel around the world meeting with native artists from each country they come in contact with. As the world becomes smaller and smaller and multiculturalism becomes more and more the norm. Mandala arises to bring together those people from all origins to see that they all have something in common. Mandala brings back ethnic forms of art and instrument with a new freshness making people appreciate them again.

ERIC MANDALA has played on, produced, and recorded over 15 albums in North America, Africa, and Asia. When performing solo he does live looping and plays over 100 ethnic and modern instruments from around the world. He sings in Universal Language mixing ancient tongues and ethnic styles of vocals with modern sound scat poetry.

Always changing expect the unexpected! An original show not to be missed!





Classical trained pianist and keyboardist, Fabio's music reflects his fascination for the cinematic music's dimension and for a realtime compositional approach mainly based on live looping technics, as it clearly appears in his works as well in his musical collaborations.

His music can be defined minimal, ambient, experimental and ranges from atmospheric film style soundtracks to a dark-glitchy ambient music, involving here and then fields recordings manipulation.

It's not a pure 'wallpaper', neither a "focused listening" type ambient, rather Fabio's music bridges this gap neatly, allowing the listener the choice to be either transported or remain grounded depending on the mood of the day.

Apart from his soloist productions (Liquid Days-2007, Weightless-2009", Fabio works with many ensembles and artists with whom realized various audio-video performances ("Fucktory", "Artificialia","Il Sesto Continente") or film soundtracks ("Facolt‡ di sguardo", "Risvegli" "First call from the Moon", "La Pelosa"). He's also involved in many collaborative musical projects from the Chain Tape Collective (www.ct-collective.com), where he coordinated the "Great Speeches" and the "Generative collective projects, providing even an on line generative-music installation (http://www.eterogeneo.com/Generative-Music/Generative_Room.html).

Recently released "Unexpected"an improvisational collaborative album made with sweedish musician Per Boysen (http://perboysen-fabioanile.bandcamp.com/)

As a soloist, exhibited as headliner or featured performer in many international festivals between Europe (Zurich, Kholn, Berlin, Antwerp) and USA (Santa Cruz, San JosČ, Oakland). In 2009 produced the First International Live Looping Festival "in Rome" (www.livelooping.it)

Gabby La La

sitar, nintendo ds lite Korg Synth, voice


Gabby La La creates a kooky and spooky sound scape using the korg synthesizer for nintendo ds lite, sitar, and her voice. She studied North Indian Classical Music with Ali Akbar Khan, and received a BFA in Sitar Performance from The California Institute of the Arts (in 2000) where she began experimenting with the instrument. La La has performed and recorded with Les Claypool, Bob Weir, Snoop Dogg, Macy Gray, The Sippy Cups, P-Funk, and Prince Paul. She has released one album of original music on Les Claypool's Prawn Song Records entitled "Be Careful What You Wish For..." and will be releasing her second cd "I Know You Know I Know" later this year.


Electric Guitar - Echoplex Digital Pro Plus - Line6 Guitarport and laptop with Gearbox software


Guitarist, composer, producer. His experience in ambient and experimental music started in the eighties listening to Brian Eno when he was a teenager. He never played guitar the same ever since. Based in his Italian island (Sicily) he played almost every genre with so many artists, musicians and groups. Always looking for new forms of expressions and new languages in music he made short movie soundtracks, audio/video shows for pubs, art galleries and cultural associations, installations of live soundtracks.

Within an electronic music project called NenTE he discovered live improvisation and he challenged in live looping in the last five years, he released podcasts, online records and starting web collaborations as the USIT project with Jeff Duke from florida, in which they play through the Ninjam system though they are 3.000 miles far away.

The main feature of his live show is live looping improvisation and sound manipulation with guitar.

Ivan Kapec and Viseslav Labosh duo

guitar and turntable



Ivan Kapec and Viseslav Labosh have been basing their thoughts and musical practice on the repetative structure of loops for quite some time now.

Both Kapec and Labosh come from different musical backgrounds, jazz and electronic music respectively. They have been successfully synthesizing their personal influences, which resulted in something that reaches far beyond the mere number of their technical components.

The acoustic visage of the duo, the guitar (Kapec) and a turntable (Labosh), refuses to be lured into the humdrum of ambient music founded on the repetitiveness, and at the same time escapes from the aggressive jaws of the uniformity that has become an integral characteristic of ‘dj music‘.

The duo presents us with a true gem of chamber music constructed on loops. The one which explores the dynamic and dramatic organisation of audio material based on the repetition.

James Bailey

Sonic detritus, NAiSAtron Zoom RFX300, Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man


Returning for a second time to the Y2KLoopfest gathering, James will again try to create something special from a rather minimum amount of somewhat outdated gear.

A veteran of Toronto's free-improv community, he is a member of several ensembles, among them: Six Heads, Odradek, NOiNO, Contrapture, Tidal Pool, and the recently formed Magic Tits. Besides recordings with these ensembles he also has two solo releases. He has performed in Canada, Britain and USA.

Never having learned (or been successfully taught) how to play a "real" instrument he either makes things himself or uses non-musical devices as found. Any proper instruments that find their way into his hands cannot expect to be handled in the manner to which they are accustomed.



jeff duke

guitar, loops, and electronics


Jeff plays looped improv music from his home in Ocala, Florida. He is heavily involved in using internet technologies such as Ninjam http://ninjam.com for collaborating with artists worldwide. He performs live from his home studio via Livestream http://livestream.com/jeffdukelive. Jeff is also a member of the renowned Ninjam based improvisational live looping JaZzNoIsExPerIMentAl edgy music collective know as DigItSignal http://digitsignal.bandcamp.com and the hard ambient guitar duo UsIt http://usit.bandcamp.com/

Jeff Oster



As one of the few trumpet/flugelhorn artists working in ambient terrain, Jeff Oster draws from a rich background of classically trained, jazz tinged horn study, mixed with contemporary electronica and loop based electro-orchestral bed tracks.

After 20 years setting aside his musical ambitions, he re-emerged as a solo artist in 2003. Oster is a flugelhorn and trumpet player who is produced by William Ackerman, Grammy Award winning guitarist and founder of Windham Hill Records.

Jeff’s first album, RELEASED, and second album, TRUE, both won the Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album (2005 and 2007 NAR Lifestyle Music Awards). His second album, TRUE, was chosen by Echoes as one of the 25 Essential Echoes CD’s for 2007, and was recently voted as one of Echoes’ Top 200 Albums of the last 20 years.




LOOP THE BALLOON is a new project by multi-instrumentalist Jeroen Elfferich. At this moment he is one of the world's most original loop artist using only balloons ( and vocals, pocket trumpet and mouth-organ) to make his music. He creates funky grooves by pulling, scratching, hitting and squeezing balloons. This year he played many famous pop and dance festivals in The Netherlands.
Jeroen Elfferich is a professional drummer and played with many (mostly) jazz artists. In the 90ties of last century he formed his own group ELFFERICH FOUR and recorded several highly acclaimed albums. He also has an electro pop project called HAPPY ELF in which he makes music using only analogue synthesizers.
LOOP THE BALLOON is both fun to watch as great to listen to because he builds up grooves and creates real songs with even texts. Some of his lyrics are : I LOVE MY DENTIST and BEING ON A FARM. Although Jeroen Elfferich uses only balloons he succeeds in making a live show similar to a rock band !


Synths, Electronics, Percussion

John has been involved with music in many different forms since he was a teenager. From local Santa Cruz bands Wrestling Worms, Raining House, and psychedelic noise/dance collective Violet Skull Troupe, to Rick Walker’s goth club project nO-thiN-G, he has always explored the outer orbits of sound. DJing at local clubs, and a 10 year stint studying and performing traditional Persian, Afghan, and Indian music has imprinted a code of the future filtered through the past onto his current activities. As 2010 blossoms, he is excited to explore the vibrant strains of modern Electronica and Goth/Industrial enraptured through small, touchscreen devices, making use of iPod, Kaoss, Analogue, and Looping technology…

Krispen Hartung

Archop guitar, laptop w/ MAX/msp random looper


Founder and artistic director of the Boise Creative and Improvised Music Festival, Krispen Hartung has been actively involved in the Boise, Idaho music scene for over 20 years. His contributions include creating new ways for musicians to communicate and collaborate with each other, and his recent efforts have revolved primarily around raising awareness and appreciation of avant-garde and creative music in Boise, Idaho.

Hartung's 30-year musical background is an experimental and continuously evolving road trip marked by many excursions and detours - from flute, classical guitar, progressive rock, and world-beat, to fusion, traditional jazz, and free improvisation.

During the last year, Krispen has been recording and performing primarily free improvisational and avant-garde jazz with the archtop guitar and amp, with no electronics or computer. He has produced 15 CD projects, including his most recent improvisational project "On the Fringe" with Robert Sterling (percussion). His latest recording project and performances are with saxophonist Brent Jensen, director of the College of Southern Idaho jazz department. More information at http://www.boisemusicians.com/Jensen-Hartung/

Lance Glover


Lance took up his first instrument, the viola, as a young lad wishing to emulate the glissandos his instructor was able to generate on that instrument. He has been bending sounds ever since, in numerous contexts, happily none of them utilizing viola. At the age of twelve he discovered electronic music via a sample disc from the public library and never looked back.

His first hands-on exposure to electronic music synthesis came in the form of the Arp Odyssey Mk I that his high school had the prescience (or folly) to obtain. Many a blissful afternoon's avoidance of homework was spent in pursuit of the perfect harmonic resonance.

He has expanded his palette since then, incorporating modern synthesis and sampling tools such as Circle and MLR, as well as more conventional analog sources in the pursuit of unusual timbres. His performances range from ambient drones to hypnotic, disorienting sheets of noise, with the goal of transcendence by eliciting a heightened sense of the moment. He has contributed to several Chain Tape Collective projects, was a Looper's Delight stalwart for many years, and performs sporadically in Los Angeles with a small group of other artists and musicians.

He lives Venice, California with his wife, daughter and two exceptionally wonderful dogs.

Laurie Amat

Sound Artist/Composer/Vocalist


The Hub’s Tim Perkis has called her, "The voice on everyone’s lips."

Ms. Amat explores the boundless possibilities of the human voice, breath and body in performance and recording. She traverses a wide range of genres including modern chamber and opera works, experimental structured and improvised solo and ensemble works, punk rock and popular song.

Her site-specific pure-voice pieces for natural and architecturally resonant spaces have been performed internationally in museums and galleries, symphony halls, cathedrals, castles, movie palaces, underground pubs, bunkers, tunnels, cisterns and steel wine vats. Her recent operatic improvisational performance at the 2010 01San Jose Biennial brought her to riverbanks and concrete overpasses.

She has recently started experimenting with combining resonant vocals and sound altering programmed electronic instruments. The result is a sound that still supports her visceral and sensual approach to music and encourages even more risk taking.

Ms. Amat is well known and respected for her solo and collaborative performances in the U.S. and Europe, with critically acclaimed appearances in festivals, symposia and technical artworks, including The Residents “Freak Show”, Nuremburg based dance media group Palindrome’s “Heisenberg” and her work with keyboardist Mirek Vodraška and the Czech experimental music group TonTon Macoutes.

Current projects include performances with collaborators SWIRM (David Grollman and Brad Henkel) in NYC; collaborating on the soundtrack for Frieder Weiss’ large scale video installation, "Blau Fluss" at the San Francisco Goethe Institute; creating industrial music pieces including "Catharsis" and a voice based multi-track soundscape and theatrical performance piece "Ballast" She also continues to grow her creative and performing relationship with computer pioneer Max Mathews on the development of his new tunable phaser filter system for voice and other instruments.

lilli lewis

vocals (vox, la voix, la voce, la voz, die Stimme), boss rc-2 loop station


"Most slept on black folk singer. I listen to her when I want to be high on my soul."
- YouTube Listener

Lilli Lewis grew up on a dirt road outside of Athens, GA where she started playing piano at the age of 3. She is a looper, a singer/songwriter, a favorite among contemporary women's solo a cappella, a composer, an opera singer, classical pianist, and a self-proclaimed rocker wannabe, in no particular order of importance.

Her first solo a cappella album, “Out From Yonder" rendered Lilli a regional finalist for the acclaimed Mountain Stage Newsong Competition, a runner up for "Best World/Folk Album" for the 2009 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards.

Her solo a cappella looping was recently featured in VoiceCouncil Magazine and has been described as "a female Bobby McFerrin, but with lyrics one might expect from a group like Sweet Honey In The Rock." Jonathan Minkoff, rarb.org.

In recent years Lilli has called many places home including Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Red Feather Lakes, CO and Hammond, LA.

Luis Angelo

Luis Angulo's diverse musical influences are presented through his live imporvisations employing electronic loop sampler devices to enhance his compositions and spontaneous improvisations.  In Germany he has also been active promoting the late live loop music movement and was performed at the first International Live Looping Festival in Cologne as well as the International Y2K8 Live looping festivals in Santa Jose and Santa Cruz California, which were sponsored by Universal Audio and Looperlative Audio Products. In 2003 he also hosted the first live looping concert in southern Germany and in 2004 at the Cafe Literario in Mexicali B.C. Mexico. 

The Baja California born guitarist has played in the past with different rock and original bands around the southern California borders.In Europe he was the guitarist singer songwriter and producer of the Cuban son group “Quinteto Chá” sharing the stage with Buena Vista Social Club's legendary guitarist Eliades Ochoa and Vocal sampling.


Guitar and effects


Marcel Rocha has played in a myriad of musical styles and contexts. Brazilian music, avant garde rock, electronic, improvised music and blues now merge together in his live looping work, where fluid, ethereal, dreamy, and yet sometimes abrasive or disturbing, soundscapes try to make their way into the listeners ears and hearts.

Mark Francombe

Baritone guitar, electronics, soft=Mobius/AudioMulch, hard=2xEDP/Repeater


Mark Francombe has been involved in experimental music since the age of 14. Being ever so slightly too young for the Punk Rock explosion, he cites his epiphany as Cabaret Voltaire's "Nag Nag Nag" which immediately had him experimenting with tape recorders, building obscure musical circuits, and starting to play the guitar badly. "Uncle Ian"was the modest and unassuming name for his theatrical multimedia band that played along the South Coast of England during the 1980's. Employing video, film, pyrotechnics and umbrellas, the group faded during the early 90's as Marks other band Cranes was heralded by iconic english DJ, John Peel, signed to BMG and suddenly took most of his time. Mark recorded 6 albums with Cranes from 1990 to 1997, toured europe and the USA extensively, including support for The Cure on their 1992 "Wish tour". Now relocated to Norway, he is a mainstay of the Oslo improv and noise scene producing his sounds using a baritone guitar, loopers, modular synths, and obscure musical circuits. Some things will never change.

By day he works as a film-maker and concept developer, and is soon to publish his first computer game entitled "Aunty-A metaphysical Mystery." He lives with his wife Hilde, and son Nikolas, in a 200 year old house in the North of Oslo with a scary cellar and sunflowers in the garden.

Massimo Liverani

Guitars, Synths, Theremin, Dulcimer, Toy Instrumens, I-phone, EnvironmentAL noises


Born in Florence (Italy) in 1961 where he actually lives he has done scientific studies and by now his main occupation is as computer developer. He started playing In the 1980, founding a new wave group called REDOX that won the 1986 Florence's Rock Contest and made one EP record.

In 90's founded MbH productions (www.mbh.it) and started to play with many people and musicians Like Michele Gianni, Marco Misuri, Mario Fani etc on works based on specific sound projects such as "Distant Noise" and ’"Noise Theoria".

In 2000's with others musician like Luigi Guarnieri founded OFFICINE C.R.O.M.A cultural association (www.officinecroma.it), that still now manages events, shows and performances.

He is interested in many aspects involving sound and acoustics such as: environmental music, installations, soundtracks, performance and happenings, cinema, literature, paintings and poetry for those he has always composed music.

In 2001 with Percussionist Marco Canaccini, Guitarist Massimo Fantoni and Fabio Capanni co-founded the KOAN LOOP ENSEMBLE, an open group based on interactive improvisation and Live looping (www.myspace.com/koanloopensemble).

In 2002 he Joined F.K.L association (www.klanglandschaft.org) dealing with acoustic ecology and soundscape.

In 2003 he met Rick Walker, organized the First Italian Live Looping Fest and Joined the Live Looping community.

In 2009 organized the florence's gig of the first European Live Looping Fest with Fabio Anile and other musicians.

Lately he has played in some experimental music productions involved by his friend the guitarist Enrico Coniglio as: ZAUM project (psichonavigation records), SEA CATHEDRALS (Silentes).

In 2010 organized the second Florence Live Looping Fest with Italian musicians.

He also writes articles on music, psicoacustics, sound and connected topics that are published by specialized magazines.

Matt Davignon

Drum Machine





Matt Davignon is an experimental musician living in Oakland, California. Since 1993, he has developed his own unique style of music, which attempts to evoke biology with textures, arrhythmic patterns and musical imperfections. His first experiments as a teenager were constructed using 2 boom boxes, combining household objects, CD/tape samples and heavily effected improvisation on a variety of “real instruments”. Since then, he has spent time studying (in a non-academic sense) bass guitar, live sound collage, consumer-grade electronics, prepared acoustic guitar, real-time
sampling/looping, experimental turntablism, and field recordings on
handheld cassette recorders.

Since 2004, he has been working almost exclusively with a drum machine. Instead of using it as a rhythm device, he plays the pads manually while processing the sounds through an array of effects devices and samplers, improvising music made of organic-sounding textures, hums, gurgles and crackles.

Matt is also a member of the Crank Ensemble, and is the founder of the Pmocatat Ensemble.







Miro Mantere aka Mir-0, a musician from Finland. For example of his work check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1LkfVXpNSE and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47brIMmYAYY

Moe! Staiano

Drums, looped percussion guitar, tape players with 20 and 30 secord loop cassettes.

(though email is best: moestaiano@yahoo.com)

American dada drummer/percussionist who will bang on or smash into pieces just about anything he can get his hands on, and somehow make a compelling musical statement out of it. He is also the composer and conductor of the Moe!kestra!, who performs pieces Staiano has written. Moe! Staiano was also a former member of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Vacuum Tree Head and Mute Socialite and has worked with various dance groups including Theater of Yugen and inkBoat. His current studio project is called Surplus 1980 and an album or works should find a release by next year.

Moka Efti

Hans York: guitar, voice - Michel Wack: percussion, voice - Leander Reininghaus: guitar


CrossCulture band MOKA EFTI was founded in 1989 by Leander Reininghaus, Hans York, Michel Wack and harpist Jochen Vogel, later joined by drummer Ralf Gildner.

Over a period of ten years, the group played out in clubs as well as on major genre festivals in Germany and most European countries and produced three CDs - the latest "Fata Morgana" with Jazz legend Charlie Mariano, Roland Schaeffer (GURU GURU) and Heinrich von Kalnein as guests - until it ceased to exist in 1999.

Ten years later, three of the founder members decided to revive the band out of the sheer joy of playing together.

Now, in 2010, MOKA EFTI is ready to share this joy with old and new friends, playing a new repertoire with old and new composed and improvised music which of course carries the bands hallmark:their unique blend of musical styles and ethnic influences.

Per Boysen

Laptop, Alto Flute


Experimenting with instant composing. Not focusing on "background" vs "melody", rather trying to create complex multi part music on the spot. Live Looping is the technical method and Multi Lateral Improvisation is the mental method. His sound has been described as "minimal", "electronic" and "breathy".

Randolf Arriola

iPhone + Klein Electric Guitar, Godin Multiac Steel Duet, Line6 DL4, Boss RC50 and Looperlative LP1

Randolf Arriola is a singer-songwriter and guitarist born and raised in Singapore. Spanning from structured to experimental, fusing the cerebral with the primal, his music comprises interwoven elements of a vast musical vocabulary, mechanical versatility, unusual explorations of technological applications, and sonic sensitivity - creating, expanding, deconstructing and refining sounds and songs to move the listener. He returns to the Y2K International Live Looping festival this year, where he will perform using an iPhone attached to a Klein electric guitar, an unconventional combination, but one that encompasses his current musical process and creative ideals.

Reverend Screaming Fingers







Lucio Menegon, aka the Rev Screaming Fingers, is a guitarist, composer, improviser and sonic artist who lives for the gig be it stage or studio. Whether serving as sideman to songwriters, performing soundscape instrumental compositions or collaborating in free-improvisational new music combos, the Reverend excels at providing a bit of magic to the moment. He likes to play in bands that write, sweat, fight, sink or swim together and absolutely loves to tour.

RICK WALKER (Y2K9 Festival Coordinator)

Percussion, Found Sound Percussion


Composer, multi-instrumentalist and master percussionist/drummer, Rick Walker has been on the cutting edge of music for the last 25 years. One of the original founders of the World Beat movement, and now an influential performer and promoter in the emerging international live looping movement, he incorporates a vast array of world music and pop styles in his repertoire combining instruments from the most primal to the most modern with state of the art digital looping and signal processing instruments.

An exceptionally versatile and sensitive musician, he is eccentrically creative, finding rhythm and melody in hundreds of everyday objects.

He is also the founder of the Y2K_ International Live Looping Festivals, the largest international live looping festival series on the planet and has been responsible for producing or directly inspiring 35 live looping festivals in 15 countries around the world as well as producing several creative new music festivals in Northern California (the Festival of Found and Invented Sound, The Festival of Voice and Electronics, the 1st Bass Looping Festivals, the Festival of Emerging Santa Cruz Electronica, the First Woman's Live Looping Festival, the Spirit of Africa and many more).

He has also performed, toured and recorded with many master musicians from around the globe, collaborating and backing artists like Bob Brozman (USA), Debhashish Battycharya (India), Martin Simpson (England), Djeli Moussa Djawara (Guinea), Babatunde Olatunje (Nigeria), Amel Tafsout (Algeria), Rene Lacaille (La Reunion), Ali Farke Toure (Mali), Hamza El Din (Nubia),Takashi Hiryasu (Okinawa), Pajoe Amissah Aidoo (Ghana),Massimo Liverani (Italy) Familia Valera (Cuba), George Pilali (Greece), David Hidalgo (Los Lobos/USA), David Lyndley (USA), Michael Manring (USA), Steve Lawson (UK), Per Boysen (Sweden), Matthias Grob (Switzerland/Brazil), Ile Aye (Brazil), Olodum (Brazil), Luca Formentini (Italy), Sunao Inami (Japan), Phantasmagoria (Japan), Paul Marshall (Northern Ireland), Bernhard Wagner (Switzerland), Luis Angulo (Mexico), Andreas Willers (Germany), Andre LaFosse (USA), Titos Sompa (Congo), Abdoulaye Djakite (Senegal), Krispen Hartung (USA), Jeff Kaiser (USA), Henry Kaiser (USA) and many others.

He has opened for acts such as Los Lobos, Santana, the Neville Brothers, Huey Lewis and the News, Cher, Kenny G, Todd Rundgren, the Residents, Youssou NDour, Thomas Mapfumo, Sly and Robbie, Steel Pulse, Wailing Souls, the Thompson Twins, Berlin and many others.

He resides in Santa Cruz, California with his wife, singer/songwriter Chris Wedertz, where he teaches, performs, records and releases original recordings as:

|()()p.p()()| (found sound/live looping), PurpleIHand (abstract electronica), nO thiN-g (dark ambient, noise, experimental), Ultra Violette (synth goth, industrial, ebm) and the RICK WALKER TRIO (modal acoustic jazz).

Rick also was the first recipient of the Gail Rich Award for Service to the Arts, the Calabash Award for Excellence in the Ethnic Arts and served as Arts Commissioner for the City of Santa Cruz from 2002-2005.

Sour Patch Prawn

Ibanez Electric Guitar, DigiTech RP90 FX Pedal, BOSS RC-50 Loop Station, and Mic'ed Miscellanies


I have been playing guitar and drums since the 6th grade, influenced in the most recent years by progressive rock and various cutting edge electronic styles.

I strive for a clean delivery of melodies and chords dissonant and suspended, with messages subtle, grandiose, or distorted. I take jazz, remove the swing, and pound it into space, while never leaving the ground. If procedures are followed properly, the sound should allure, exhilarate, and disorient.

Rhythm is of the essence. The best music always kept me guessing, and then took breaks to ease for a minute. There are times for complexity and simplicity, and it takes nothing but intuition to determine. I will do to you what others have done to me. Welcome to violence.


guitar & taurus pedals & pds8000 & SUNN amps


S T A N O S A U R has played most of the west coast loopfests since '99 LoopStock. He has been looping since the EH 16Sec. DDL came out in the 80s. He plays the Low Frequency Drones.

Tim Thompson



Tim is an engineer, artist, and performer who creates music, visuals, installations, instruments, and applications in ever-evolving combinations. Inspired by the creativity at Burning Man, his installations there have included a lyre, a monolith, and an antique radio.