Bass Bureaucracy

Y2K23 Artists, Y2K23 Bassfest

Bassist/vocalist John Lester has been utilizing live looping since the late ‘90’s when he won his first “Song of the Year” award from West Coast Songwriters for “The Ways of a Woman”. That song was performed on fretless 6-string bass using a Line 6 DL-4 for looping. Over 20 years later John’s live looping project , Bass Bureaucracy, includes stereo multi-effects, and arsenal of acoustic and electric 4 and 6 string basses, electronic percussion, and an innovative dual output 6 string half-fretted/half-fretless bass built my Rick Turner that allows John to play bass and guitar parts simultaneously. While John’s solo show uses the latest looping technology, his performances always focus on his award-winning songs and his personal, storytelling singer-songwriter presentation.


John Lester