Bass Bureaucracy

Virtuoso bassists John Lester and Steve Uccello team up for an all basses, beats, and vocal set as Bass Bureaucracy. Both John and Steve play a wide variety of bass instruments from upright basses to acoustic and electric 4 and 6 string bass guitars. They each bring years of experience as in-demand sidemen in a variety of genres to the stage, as well as being accomplished solo performers.

John Lester has 6 solo albums to his credit and has lent his bass talents to such artists as Gretchen Peters (Country), Peter Rowan (Folk), Full Faith & Credit Big Band (Jazz), and Patti Smith (Rock). He started Bass Bureaucracy as a vehicle for his live looping performances featuring other guest bassists. He has been featured at UK Bass Day and European Bass Day and has worked with some of the world’s leading bassists including Steve Lawson and Michael Manring.

Steve Uccello is no stranger to the Y2K festival having played numerous solo bass sets in the past. His looping excursions include the solo albums “Symmetria”, “Omniform”, and “Archaeus” as well as the “Terrain” a duo album with Nat Grant, under the band name “sung”. Steve has played bass for Keith Greeninger, Dayan Kai, and The Latin Jazz Collective and has collaborated with fellow bass luminaries Jeff Schmitt and Steve Lawson.

“Lester’s USP is his supreme mastery of all possible varieties of
bass guitar and his use of them as lead instruments…
his understated virtuosity demands attention.”
-Maverick Magazine, UK

“…ventures into bass solo territory result in technical displays more than melodic phrasing. Not so with Steve Uccello. To be sure, his technique is worthy of admiration—but, more importantly, his compositions display a focus first and foremost on musicality.”
– Rod C. Taylor, writer for Bass Player Magazine & Bass Guitar Magazine