Eliud Ernandes

Y2K23 Artists, y2k23 Bassfest

Festival Headliner. Eliud Ernandes began his artistic training at the young age of four years old. He has received awards and recognition from institutions such as Yamaha in Mexico and Japan, the Consulate of Mexico in Houston, Texas, the office of Master Leo Brouwer in Havana, Cuba, and the Mayor’s Office of Santa Cruz, California. He has collaborated either recording or performing with artists from Mexico, Argentine, Frances, Spain, the Netherlands, and the US.

In addition to his musical activities, he is the founding director along with Lizeth Ruvalcaba of Mexico Y2K International Live Looping Festival, having as one of his main objectives linking the music and culture of various nations, generating an international community of artists that collaborate, dialogue and develop new ways of making music.

He is arranger and musical director of the Mexican productions of the off-Broadway musicals: Sessions, National Pastime and Paparazzi, and part of the project Broadway Without Borders, with which he is fully identified, since it does not only represent a job opening for Mexican artists abroad but more importantly, tear down the walls that divide us ideologically.