Michael Peters

Festival Headliner, Y2K23 Artists

Michael Peters is a guitarist from Cologne, Germany (he lives east of Cologne in the countryside now, close to the place where Karlheinz Stockhausen spent most of his life). Most of his musical output veers from the mainstream and has been difficult to categorize (WIRE magazine has reviewed two of his albums in their “Outer Limits” section).

Most of Michael’s guitar playing relies on improvisation and is usually extended by electronic effects, midi, and livelooping techniques, sometimes using the classical „Frippertronics“ method based on tape delay. His solo works contain ambient/experimental guitar music, but also sound collages, algorithmic music, and field recordings.

He has played in punk bands, ambient projects, open improvisational groups, and avant rock bands – such as “The Absurd” whose founder Michael Frank will also perform in Santa Cruz in 2023.

Michael has organized three international livelooping festivals in Cologne and a number of experimental guitar evenings, collaborating with other guitarists.

He has performed on several livelooping festivals in Europe and the US.

Michael Peters website