Festival Headliner, Y2K23 Artists

ROTTESØSTRE! – The Multimedia Adventure Duo!!!

ROTTESØSTRE! reunites the fabulous Punk Rock Orchestra’s RAT SISTERS, Multi-Instrumentalist/Vocalist Cindy Sawprano and Improvisational Vocalist and Sonic Explorer Laurie Amat.

They have recently returned from command performances before the crowned heads of the Multiverse, Universe and a private concert for Oppy, to grace the stage of an even more incredible and once in a lifetime event, the Y2K 20th Anniversary International Live Looping Festival. 

ROTTESØSTRE! will be presenting a rarely seen film collage by fellow Cinepimp and Canyon Cinema Artist, Alphonso Alvarez, accompanied by a special ROTTESØSTRE! Improvisational Live Looping Soundtrack. It’s going to be a Multimedia Adventure!!! 

About Cindy Sawprano

Cindy Webster is a Board Certified Music Therapist/Therapeutic Musician working in the San Francisco East Bay. She also plays the musical saw, amplified egg beaters and other gadgets. An admirer of avant-garde music, she creates soundscapes using found objects, found sound and effects. She has appeared in San Francisco, Dublin, Zootown and Grass Valley Fringe Festivals; Y2K Loop Festivals in Providence, Santa Cruz and Mexico; Musical Saw Festivals in Austria, New York and California; trees, phone booths, rooftops, film, and recordings. Cindy has been described as, “She can do more with her voice and saw than you can do with anything.”

About Laurie Amat

Vocalist and Sonic Explorer Laurie Amat fearlessly breaks boundaries in performance and recording, combining voice, motion, and electronic looping, creating ethereal angelic choirs, skin peeling multiphonic cacophonies, ridiculous slapstick, and heartbreaking operatic arias.

Her collaborations include Avant Garde group The RESIDENTS, Bergen Music Collective Sonisk Blodbad (NO), Shores of Latency (Emmanuel Reveneau/Lucid Brain-FR), and FLOS (Stefano Castagna/Luca Formentini-IT). She was a longtime protégé, collaborator, and Beta Tester with the late computer music pioneer Max Mathews.

Laurie has lectured and conducted voice workshops internationally, including the Peabody Conservatory, Bergen Senter for Elektronisk Kunst (BEK), Arkitekthøgskole-NO, and Charles University ECES-CZ.

In 2016 she founded the Providence Y2K International Live Looping Festival. The PVDLoop is the Premiere and only East Coast Live Looping Festival.  Its small ensemble PVDLoop All-Stars play throughout the year in Special Collaborations, Multi-Media Performances and Experimental Soundworks with groups such as the RI Historical Society Moving Image Archive and the PVD/PDX based New Music Ensemble Verdant Vibes.

Ms. Amat’s main projects before The Plague Death Time included a long awaited East Coast Solo Tour, performances of The Residents “God in 3 Persons” at the NY MoMA, and the completion of “Oh, It Hertz!” the UpNorth produced Norwegian Feature Documentary about sound and how it affects us, which premiered at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (CPH:DOX) and has been screened in over 20 countries so far!

Laurie is very grateful to be returning to Santa Cruz for the 20th Anniversary Y2K Festival, and super excited to be reunited with her Punk Rat Sister, the incredibly talented and self-effacing Cindy Sawprano, performing as…ROTTESØSTRE!

Thank You Rick, you got me OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!