Donata Greco – Italy

Festival debut, Y2K23 Artists

Donata Greco is a wind player, multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer. She was born and raised in Naples, Italy. Her music is a mix between the nostalgia she learned from the classical neapolitan music and a bit of funk. She loves to experiment with various genres and to reinvent the role of her chosen instruments. Everything rotates around the deep, brilliant sound of her alto saxophone blended with some flute, tiny shakers, and some vintage synth here and there. Her loops serve as the landscape that allows her to do what she loves the most: expressing herself through improvisation.


Trianna Feruza

Festival debut, Y2K23 Artists

Singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist out of Santa Cruz CA. Givin’ a new school twist on Pop-Funk fusion with an R&B twist. Imagine Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse’s lovechild. Coming from a family embedded in the Folk-World Music scene, Trianna has a diverse musical background, setting the stage for her unique sound and engaging performance.