Mikko Biffle

Y2K23 Artists

The nine-year-old son of a rabble rousing, ukelele playing Mother, I had begged for a drum set for months, having fallen in love with Sandy Nelson’s song, “Let There Be Drums”. That very same year, I joyously discovered a set of drums on Christmas day and proceeded to drIve my Mother absolutely mad the following weeks; at which point, the drums vanished and magicallly, a little baby Gibson guitar appeared. 
Fast forward Sixty-One years and I find myself deeply engaged with all manner of freely-improvised music and have found friendship and adventure with others taking the compelling and angsty dive into the world of free-improv and never really knowing what will transpire next.  
Spending decades with The Lunar Asylum Collective and my own Ben Wa Band, among many other projects, I now run amok with The Battered Ornaments and my friend, Mister Sound Wheels himself, R Duck. Secretly assuming the alter-ego OKKIM, I also busk and gig as a singer-songwriter with deep folk roots and an abiding love for solo acoustic guitar and a regular practice of writing prose, lyrics and stories. 
I still play guitar daily and give thanks for the comfort of having an enduring, lifelong passion, but alas! I also pursue downhill skateboard events around the nation with my love for speed and adrenaline and I’m forever conflicted whether music, or speed will be my partner on any given day. The muse is forever deep however and that’s a very welcome fact . . . I can be found at https://grimley-music.bandcamp.com/. Please come by for a listen!