The Winkler (Clay Bowman)

Y2K23 Artists

Clay Bowman is a guitarist and electronic musician from Houston, Texas. Growing up on the Gulf Coast in the 1960’s, Clay brings regional influences to his sound. His musical career began in the 1980s with post-punk and new wave bands. He has since performed in dive bars, art galleries, performance halls, and on the Avenue of Art at the Burning Man Festival. After participating in Loopfests in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, Clay formed the Houston Loopers Collective in 2016. The Collective has hosted performances by musicians from Houston and around the United States. His musical interests currently include both instrumental and song-based material featuring live looping. He recently performed at the Y2K18 Live Looping Festival in Mexico City. He also performs ambient music with long-time collaborator Harry Leverette as TheWinklerAndTheHare.